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7 Trees Perfect For Small Spaces

7 Trees Perfect For Small Spaces

Trees: they give us spring blossom, summer fruit, the golds and reds of autumn and the greens of winter - not to mention shade, shelter and oxygen - so they’re pretty much an essential for any outdoor space. But what if your garden is a bit on the small side or you don’t have a garden at all?

The good news is that with more and more dwarf or naturally compact varieties becoming available, there’s a tree to suit even the smallest of spaces, and lots that can be grown in containers. Read our handy guide to seven of our favourites - in descending order of height - to help you choose.

1. Pyrus Chanticleer (Ornamental Pear)


Mature height: 5m


Why you need one: Covered in white blossom in Spring, with dark glossy foliage turning red in Autumn - bees and birds love it; so does the RHS - it’s an Award of Garden Merit winner.


Perfect for: Any small garden - Pyrus thrives in any soil, in an exposed or sheltered position.


Care: Minimal watering needed, generally pest-free. Pyrus prefers full sun.

2. Crabapple Jelly King


Mature height: 4m


Why you need one: Looks great all year round: white blossom in Spring, Orange fruits in Summer and bright Autumn colour. Probably the best tree you can plant for wildlife - and of course crabapple jelly! An RHS award winner.


Perfect for: Small or medium gardens. Crabapple can be pruned to any size.


Care: A very low maintenance, hardy tree which will thrive in all well drained soils, in sun or partial shade.

Rowan sorbus berries

3. Rowan Pink Pagoda


Mature height: 3-5m


Why you need one: A wildlife magnet with unusual bright pink berries to feed the birds in winter. Year-round interest in a classically beautiful tree.


Perfect for: Small to medium gardens, areas of heavy pollution (it will absorb this), protection against evil spirits (according to folklore)


Care: Plant in full sun or partial shade, water during droughts and prune annually.

4. Apricot Flavourcot


Mature height: 3m


Why you need one: Sweet, juicy and aromatic apricots warm from the tree. Self fertile and easy to look after with good pest and disease resistance and no feeding required.


Perfect for: Small gardens or patio pots - this tree is available in a SJA Rootstock variety which grows to around 3m or as a patio version growing to 1.5m and suitable for growing in pots.


Care: Plant in a sunny, sheltered spot and prune into shape when needed. Harvest the fruits in late summer.

5. Cherry Blossom Weeping Yoshino


Mature height: 2.5m


Why you need one: Every garden should have a Japanese cherry blossom (or Sakura) - this one explodes with white blossoms on elegantly draped branches.


Perfect for: Front gardens or smaller spaces


Care: Plant in a sunny spot away from strong winds - Yoshino thrives in any well-drained soil and needs little or no pruning.

6. Willow Flamingo


Mature height: 2m


Why you need one: Small and beautifully formed with pink foliage turning white, green and variegated in Summer, yellow catkins and red stems in Autumn - a real head turner and an RHS Award winner.


Perfect for: Showing off in the front garden


Care: Low maintenance: position in full sun and water well after planting.

7. Cherry Hartland


Mature height: 1.5m


Why you need one: Sweet, rich eating cherries fresh from the tree - maximum crops for minimum space.


Perfect for: Containers and pots on the patio, balcony or in the conservatory.


Care: Position in full sun and water regularly. Hartland will thrive in any soil except sandy and may need protection from birds. Harvest the cherries in July.

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