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Easy to Grow Vegetables

The easiest vegetables to grow are probably potatoes, onions and radish… But maybe “easy to eat” is more important: choose the irresistible veg that look great from the kitchen window and that you will love sharing with the family - think asparagus, artichoke, sugar-snap peas and (our current favourite) eat-as-you-pick salad leaves.

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5 Organic 'Tiny Tim' Tomato Plants

A super dwarf variety–grow cherry tomatoes on your window sill!

1 option from £7.00
  • A super-dwarf tomato plant you can grow on your window sill!
  • Sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes
  • Fantastic for frying, omelettes, or salads
  • No pruning or support needed, just plant and grow
5 Organic 'Gardeners Delight' Tomato Plants
5 Organic 'Gardeners Delight' Tomato Plants

RHS Award Winner for excellent flavour and crop yield

1 option from £8.00 £5.00
  • Sweet, tangy cherry tomato flavour
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner
  • Produces huge trusses of juicy tomatoes
  • Fruits continuously from July to September
10 Organic 'Perpetual' Spinach Plants

Fresh Spinach ready to cut whenever you want it

1 option from from £5.00
  • Prolific and reliable cropper
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
  • Can be harvested from May-January
  • Creamy, soft spinach flavour
3 Organic British Basil Plants

Classic Italian herb bred to grow in Britain

1 option from £9.00
  • Especially adapted to grow great in the UK
  • Classic Italian herb flavour–essential for pasta
  • Perfect herb to grow on the window sill or patio
  • Incredibly easy to grow
10 Organic 'Kelvedon Wonder' Pea Plants

RHS Award Winning Pea Plant with No Support Required

1 option from £6.00
  • RHS Award Winner for producing fantastic crops
  • Fresh from your garden, delicious, sweet peas
  • No support required! Just plant, grow, and harvest
  • Produces masses of pods filled with crunchy little peas
3 Organic 'Californian Wonder' Sweet Pepper Plants

Sweet and crunchy peppers grown in your garden

1 option from £7.00
  • Prolific producer of succulently sweet peppers
  • Thick walls with a crisp, crunchy, texture
  • Perfect for stir-fries, stuffing and salads
  • Attractive fruit add interest to the garden
10 Organic 'Nero di Toscana' Kale Plants

Stunning dark green and purple Italian Kale variety

1 option from £7.00
  • Beautiful dark green and purple Italian Kale variety
  • Absolutely packed with Vitamins C, K, and A
  • Cut as you need and the plant grows more
  • Harvest right from September-March
3 Organic Rosemary Plants

Classic herb with a wonderful flavour and intense fragrance

1 option from £5.00
  • Classic lemon-pine, peppery, rich herby flavour
  • Fills your garden with a warm, soothing scent
  • Beautiful on bread, vegetables, and in sauces
  • Very easy to grow
10 Organic 'Red Salad Bowl' Lettuce Plants

RHS Award winning loose leaf with a unique colour

1 option from £7.00
  • RHS Award Winning Loose Leaf variety
  • Unique deep red colours to add to salads
  • Cut the leaves when you need them and the plant will grow more
  • Delicate sweet and spicy flavour
Small Organic Veg Companion Plant Pack

An organic solution to pest control for your garden

1 option from £15.00
  • A fantastic, organic solution to pest control
  • All picked to protect and pollinate your veg
  • Includes Tagetes, Marigolds, Nasturtiums
  • All are very easy to grow
3 Organic Garden Mint Plants

Classic mint–fresh from your garden

1 option from £9.00
  • Cool refreshing flavour–perfect for summer drinks
  • Fill your garden with the sharp fragrance
  • Prolific cropper grown indoors or out
  • Fresh mint whenever you need it
10 Organic Wild Rocket Plants

The classic, intensely peppery leaf to light up a salad

1 option from £5.00
  • Intense, peppery, minerally flavour<
  • Perfect for salads and garnishes
  • Crops for months–fresh rocket all summer
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
3 Organic Flat Leaf Parsley Plants

One of the most loved herbs in cooking–fresh from the plant

1 option from £9.00
  • Intense Parsley Flavour–Great for Pasta dishes
  • Keep fresher for longer on the plant
  • Pick what you need and the plant grows more
  • Perfect plant to grow indoors in your kitchen
15 Organic Colourful Tomato Plants
15 Organic Colourful Tomato Plants

A beautiful range of different tomato colours and flavours

1 option from £18.00 £12.00
  • gardeners Delight, Black Russian, Golden Sunshine
  • A range of tomato colours to liven up any dish
  • All picked for being easy to grow huge crops
  • Fruit will add great interest to your garden
10 Organic 'Early Nantes' Carrots Plants

Superb carrot for early harvest and exceptional flavour

1 option from £7.00
  • One of the best carrots for early harvest
  • Sweet carrot taste–perfect for honey roasting
  • Prolifically produces carrots grow up to 6" long!
  • Trusted classic for gardeners–easy to very grow!
3 Organic 'Early Jalapeno' Chilli Plants

Classic Jalapeno flavour and heat, just two weeks early!

1 option from £6.00
  • 2,500-8,000 on the Scoville Scale
  • Classic Jalapeno flavour and heat
  • Ready to harvest 1-2 weeks before normal Japalenos
  • Grows up to 60cm–ideal for window sills
10 Organic 'Little Gem' Lettuce Plants

RHS Award winning Romaine lettuce

1 option from £7.00
  • One of the all time gardeners (and food-lovers) favourite lettuce
  • RHS Award Winner for quality and reliability
  • Juicy, crunchy leaves perfect for summer dishes
  • Matures early–one of the first lettuces of the season
20 Organic 'Bedfordshire Champion' Onion Plants

A gardeners favourite for over one hundred years

1 option from £6.00
  • Reliable, easy to grow with large crops
  • Large golden onions with mild, satisfying flavour
  • Onions store great right up until the New Year
  • Perfectly suited to the UK climate
20 Organic 'White Lisbon' Spring Onion Plants

RHS Award Winning Spring Onion For Fantastic Reliability and Taste

1 option from £7.00
  • RHS Award Winner for being a reliable cropper
  • Excellent, mild flavour–perfect for stir-fries
  • Harvest all through Summer until October
  • Incredibly easy to grow and quick to harvest
5 Organic 'Tigerella' Tomato Plants

Striking tomatoes striped like a tiger!

1 option from £8.00
  • Striking red and green striped salad tomatoes
  • Fresh, sweet, tangy tomato flavour
  • Perfect for livening up summer salads
  • Can crop for 4 months from June to September!
3 Organic Chives Plants

The perfect herb to liven up creamy dishes

1 option from £9.00
  • Delicious garlic/onion-like fresh flavour
  • Make beautiful mashed potatoes or sour cream
  • Every green herb that comes back year after year
  • Very easy to grow either indoors or outdoors
10 Organic 'Detroit' Beetroot Plants

One of our favorite Beetroots

1 option from £5.00
  • Stunningly sweet, earthy Beetroot flavour
  • Reliable and prolific cropper
  • Grow your own certified Superfood!
  • Easy to grow–Plant, water, and harvest!
3 Organic 'Birds Eye' Chilli Plants

The fire of Southeast Asia in a little red bullet

1 option from £7.00
  • 50,000 - 100,000 on the Scoville Scale
  • The chilli of choice for Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisine
  • Fruity, peppery flavour with a significant heat
  • One of the easiest Chilli plants you can grow
20 Organic 'Red Baron' Red Onion Plants

RHS Award Winning Red Onion with Exceptional Taste

1 option from £7.00
  • RHS Award Winner for reliability and prolific nature
  • Intense, sharp onion flavour–amazing in salads
  • Mid to late maturing
  • Very easy to grow–perfect for beginners

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