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Fibre Optic Plants

Fibre Optic Plant is an evergreen ornamental sedge that can be grown in wet soil or at the edge of ponds as a marginal pond plant. The bright green tufts produce tiny white flowers on the end of each stem in late summer, followed by small brown-red seeds. Part of the Cyperaceae genus and related to Slender Tufted Sedge and Carex, Fibre Optic Grass grows well in container ponds or pots, provided you keep them hydrated, and their upright clump-forming habit makes them a unique addition to wet soil and water gardens.


Fibre Optic Plant | Isolepsis Cerna| Oxygenating

Unique plant that looks like fibre optics!

4 options from from £12.00
  • Zone 3 - Deep Water
  • Happy in full sun or partial shade
  • Summer flowering from June to August
  • Spectacular in pond margins or pots

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