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Plug Plants

Plug plants are the best option for those after maximum value. We only send our young plants out when the weather warms up enough to make sure they get off to a flying start when you plant them out in your garden. Check out our dazzling annual bedding range and productive vegetable plants here, or scroll through them below (the refine by might be useful, there's a lot).

5 Organic 'Tiny Tim' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

A super dwarf variety–grow cherry tomatoes on your window sill!

  • A super-dwarf tomato plant you can grow on your window sill!
  • Sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes
  • Fantastic for frying, omelettes, or salads
  • No pruning or support needed, just plant and grow
5 Organic 'Gardeners Delight' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

RHS Award Winner for excellent flavour and crop yield

  • Sweet, tangy cherry tomato flavour
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner
  • Produces huge trusses of juicy tomatoes
  • Fruits continuously from July to September
3 Organic 'Marketmore' Cucumber Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award Winning Cucumber for even the British weather

  • RHS Award Winner for being a reliable cropper
  • Produces cucumbers even in colder summers
  • More intense cucumber flavour than anything in stores
  • Juicy, hydrating and crunch-perfect for salads or even in a drink!
3 Organic Rosemary Plants
1 option from £8.00

Classic herb with a wonderful flavour and intense fragrance

  • Classic lemon-pine, peppery, rich herby flavour
  • Fills your garden with a warm, soothing scent
  • Beautiful on bread, vegetables, and in sauces
  • Very easy to grow
10 Organic 'Kelvedon Wonder' Pea Plants
1 option from £6.00

RHS Award Winning Pea Plant with No Support Required

  • RHS Award Winner for producing fantastic crops
  • Fresh from your garden, delicious, sweet peas
  • No support required! Just plant, grow, and harvest
  • Produces masses of pods filled with crunchy little peas
3 Organic 'Green Bush' Courgette Plants
1 option from £7.00

The classic Courgette in abundance

  • Classic courgette shape with sublime flavour
  • A reliable and heavy cropper
  • Pick fruit regularly for a better harvest all summer
  • More compact growth–requires less space
10 Organic 'Enorma' Runner Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award Winner Runner Beans with pods that grow up to half a meter

  • RHS Award Winner for fantastic cropping
  • Grows pods up well over a foot long!
  • Delicious, acclaimed buttery bean flavour
  • Can grow up to 10ft high! Support required
3 Organic 'Californian Wonder' Sweet Pepper Plants
1 option from £7.00

Sweet and crunchy peppers grown in your garden

  • Prolific producer of succulently sweet peppers
  • Thick walls with a crisp, crunchy, texture
  • Perfect for stir-fries, stuffing and salads
  • Attractive fruit add interest to the garden
10 Organic 'Perpetual' Spinach Plants
1 option from £6.00

Fresh Spinach ready to cut whenever you want it

  • Prolific and reliable cropper
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
  • Can be harvested from May-January
  • Creamy, soft spinach flavour
10 Organic Wild Rocket Plants
1 option from £6.00

The classic, intensely peppery leaf to light up a salad

  • Intense, peppery, minerally flavour<
  • Perfect for salads and garnishes
  • Crops for months–fresh rocket all summer
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
10 Organic 'Early Nantes' Carrots Plants
1 option from £7.00

Superb carrot for early harvest and exceptional flavour

  • One of the best carrots for early harvest
  • Sweet carrot taste–perfect for honey roasting
  • Prolifically produces carrots grow up to 6" long!
  • Trusted classic for gardeners–easy to very grow!
10 Organic 'Red Salad Bowl' Lettuce Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award winning loose leaf with a unique colour

  • RHS Award Winning Loose Leaf variety
  • Unique deep red colours to add to salads
  • Cut the leaves when you need them and the plant will grow more
  • Delicate sweet and spicy flavour
Small Organic Veg Companion Plant Pack
1 option from £13.00

An organic solution to pest control for your garden

  • A fantastic, organic solution to pest control
  • All picked to protect and pollinate your veg
  • Includes Tagetes, Marigolds, Nasturtiums
  • All are very easy to grow
10 Organic Purple Sprouting Broccoli Plants
1 option from £7.00

Beautiful purple heads with a. delicate sweet and peppery flavour

  • Delicate, nutty, peppery flavour with a hint of sweetness
  • Beautiful purple heads and deep green leaves
  • Filled with Vitamins A, C and K
  • Harvest from July to October
5 Organic 'Tigerella' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

Striking tomatoes striped like a tiger!

  • Striking red and green striped salad tomatoes
  • Fresh, sweet, tangy tomato flavour
  • Perfect for livening up summer salads
  • Can crop for 4 months from June to September!
10 Organic 'Tendergreen' Dwarf French Green Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

Early cropping Runner Bean that's perfect for patios

  • Dwarf variety–only grows to 45cm
  • Early cropping variety–beans ready to eat from July
  • Ideal for patios or small garden spaces
  • A great source of plant protein and vitamin C
20 Organic 'Bedfordshire Champion' Onion Plants
1 option from £6.00

A gardeners favourite for over one hundred years

  • Reliable, easy to grow with large crops
  • Large golden onions with mild, satisfying flavour
  • Onions store great right up until the New Year
  • Perfectly suited to the UK climate
3 Organic Garlic Chives Plants
1 option from £7.00

Delicious chives taste with a hint of garlic

  • Distinctive, garlic-like fresh Chive flavour
  • Delicious with melted butter over vegetables
  • Harvest fresh as you need
  • Fully hardy through the UK
10 Organic 'Little Gem' Lettuce Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award winning Romaine lettuce

  • One of the all time gardeners (and food-lovers) favourite lettuce
  • RHS Award Winner for quality and reliability
  • Juicy, crunchy leaves perfect for summer dishes
  • Matures early–one of the first lettuces of the season
5 Organic 'Golden Sunrise' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

RHS Award Winning Tomato plant with beautiful bright yellow fruit

  • Renowned intensely sweet and fruity flavour
  • Perfect for Sandwiches, salads or snacks
  • RHS Award Winner for being a prolific cropper
  • Bright golden coloured salad tomatoes
10 Organic All Year Round Cauliflower Plants
1 option from £7.00

Healthy, easy-to-grow cauliflower for your kitchen garden

  • Delicious in curries or roasted
  • Ready to Harvest from July-December
  • Highly reliable and a prolific cropper
  • Hardy in UK climates–very easy to grow
10 Organic 'Nero di Toscana' Kale Plants
1 option from £7.00

Stunning dark green and purple Italian Kale variety

  • Beautiful dark green and purple Italian Kale variety
  • Absolutely packed with Vitamins C, K, and A
  • Cut as you need and the plant grows more
  • Harvest right from September-March
10 Organic 'Blue Lake' French Climbing Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

Reliably prolific cropper of sweet delicious beans

  • Prolific and reliable cropper
  • Delicious, sweet beans with fresh pods
  • Virtually stringless with great texture
  • Vigorous climber-grows up to 6ft tall
10 Organic Rainbow Chard Plants
1 option from £6.00

Grow a rainbow of colours and flavours

  • All the colours of the rainbow!
  • Amazing to sauté or add to a salad
  • Sweet, earthy, nutty ranges of flavours
  • Super easy to grow

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