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The Queen's Green Canopy

It’s the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, and to mark the occasion, people all over the UK are planting a tree for the jubilee. The green canopy created will improve the UK’s environment, increasing much needed green space and creating sustainable legacy for generations to come. We’ve curated this selection of the best trees to plant - ornamental and fruit trees, trees with a royal connection, UK native trees and trees for smaller gardens or pots - so that everyone can join in with this unique tree planting initiative. Read on for help with choosing!

How to choose your tree

Think about the size of your garden and pick a tree that will best fit your space. If you don’t have space in open ground, there are lots of trees you can grow in containers - see our top picks for small spaces here. You might choose a fruit tree, a UK native tree like an Oak or Rowan which are great for supporting wildlife, or an ornamental tree which will look great all year round, like a Crabapple or Cherry Blossom. The type of soil and amount of sunlight you have might also influence your choice - if you have an acidic soil, go for trees such as Magnolias, Willows or Sweetgums. If your garden is on the shadier side, pick a tree which doesn’t need full sun, like an Acer, Birch or Crabapple.

How to plant your tree

The best time to plant a Bare Root tree is from October to March, when they are dormant (not growing). A potted tree can be planted at any time. You’ll need a spade, a fork, some compost or well rotted manure and a stake to support the tree - get yours here. Dig a hole large enough for the tree’s roots then position the tree in the hole. Make sure that the bottom of the stem (where the roots begin) is level with the ground. Carefully refill the hole, adding in some of your compost or manure, then firm the soil down around the tree. Fix your stake into the ground and attach it to the tree at a 45 degree angle, taking care not to damage the roots. Give the tree a good water after planting. For a more detailed guide, check out our How to Plant a Tree feature.

Protect your tree and help it to grow

Water your tree regularly until the roots have established and new growth starts in the spring. Try to keep a metre around the tree weed-free - putting on a layer of mulch will help with this and also provide the tree with nutrients. Check your tree’s individual product page for advice on how much sunlight, water and feeding it will need - and take a look at our knowledge pages for more useful tips.