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10 Autumn Tatsoi Vegetables
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10 Autumn Tatsoi Vegetables
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10 Autumn Tatsoi

Brassica rapa 'tatsoi'

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Versatile and tasty Chinese cabbage
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The Highlights

    • Broad, green spoon-shaped leaves
    • Creamy textured greens ideal for stir-fries (tastes amazing with ginger, honey and soy sauce) and salads.
    • Grows well at this time of year, when it is less prone to bolting.
    • Easy to grow Chinese cabbage
    • Can be harvested whole or used as a cut & come again for individual leaves
    • Harvest November-December
    • Plant in spring or autumn for both summer and winter harvests!

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

10 Plug Plants

Height on arrival:

Your plants will arrive at a height between 8-10cm

Eventual height:


Eventual spread:

Plants will reach a spread of approx 20cm

Tasting notes:

Creamy tasting greens

Time to first crop:

4-6 weeks
As a rule of thumb the leaves should be ready for harvest in just over two months after the seed was sown. Keep harvesting the leaves even if you can't eat them all to keep the plant producing a crop.


Will withstand a light frost but cover with fleece if heavy frosts or snow are forecast


Salads, stir fries and Chinese dishes



Plant 20cm apart to allow for spreading

Care Guide

Good pest and disease resistance

Tatsoi is generally disease-free, but insects love its tender leaves. Cabbage worms and flea beetles can riddle the leaves in spring unless the plants are protected with row covers. The ground-hugging leaves are extremely attractive to slugs, so barriers such as grit or copper wire may be beneficial.MORE

Water regularly

Water the plants regularly to keep the ground constantly moist. If you are unsure, feel the soil with your hand. If it feels dry up to a fingernail deep then you can give the plant a watering. During winter the cold weather and rain should be enough to keep the plant watered most of the time. MOREMORE

Full Sun

Plant in a position where the plants will receive around 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day.MORE

Any fertile, well-draining soil

Provide a well-draining soil with a lot of compost or other organic matter mixed in. Tatsoi grows in soil with a pH from 6.0–7.5, with an ideal range of 6.5–7.0.MORE

Feeding not required

No feeding needed.MORE

Pruning not required

No pruning needed.MORE