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10 Organic Sugar Snap Pea Plants Vegetables
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10 Organic Sugar Snap Pea Plants Vegetables
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10 Organic Sugar Snap Pea Plants Vegetables

10 Organic Sugar Snap Pea Plants

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Sweet, crunchy, and fresh from your garden
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The Highlights

    • Produces mounds of sweet, crunch sugar snap peas
    • Perfect sautéed side dish
    • Peas are jam-packed with vitamins C, A and K
    • Grows to 1.5m–support required Your support will have to be at least 6 feet tall. The plants should grow tendrils that will reach up and start climbing the structure. You can aid this process by gently wrapping the new growth around the support structure to help it to cling on.MORE
    • Sweeter and crunchier than store-bought product

Planting Calendar

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

10 Plug Plants
Plug plants are small seedlings that allows you to skip the germination process involved in having to sow from seed.

Height on arrival:


Eventual height:


Eventual spread:


Tasting notes:

Intensely sweet and crunchy

Time to first crop:

8-10 weeks
The pods are ready to harvest when the pods are around 3 inches long and have a snap when they bend. The peas inside should be formed and firm to the touch.


Somewhat Hardy
Plant after the last frost in a sunny, sheltered location and it should be fine throughout the growing season.


Sautéed, Raw, Side Dish, Stir-fries



15cm apart
If planting in rows then plant 15cm apart with another 50cm in between rows.

Care Guide

Good Pest and Disease Resistance

The three main issues affecting Pea plants are Pea Moth, Pea Leaf Weevil and Powdery Mildew. Rodents can also be an issue but they are mainly concerned with taking the Pea seeds which won’t be an issue if you buy them from Roots because we supply the plant as a plug. To prevent the pests you can cover your plants in a fine horticultural fleece. To prevent Powdery Mildew you should try and keep the plant dry and maintain good garden hygiene. MORE

Water Regularly

Full SunMORE

Full Sun

Pea Plants need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every. day.MORE

Fertile, Well-Draining

A good-mix to use is three parts quality compost to one part topsoil.MORE

Feed Regularly

Once the flowers emerge feed the plants every week with a high-potash fertiliser such as liquid tomato feed.MORE

Not required

Put the tools down! No pruning required.MORE