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3 Organic 'Scotch Bonnet Yellow' Chilli Plants Vegetables

3 Organic 'Scotch Bonnet Yellow' Chilli Plants

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The ultimate Caribbean Chilli - in Yellow
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The Highlights

    • 150,000 - 350,000 on the Scoville Scale–tears come included. The Scoville Scale is the official measurement of chilli pepper heat. A Bell Pepper starts at a 0, a Jalapeno is a respectful 2,500-8,000, a fiery Scotch Bonnet is 100,000-350,000, and an absolutely hellish Carolina Reaper tops the list at 1,400,000-2,200,000MORE
    • Distinctive Caribbean spice–fantastic for Jerk spice rubs
    • Intensely deep flavour with a hint of sweetness
    • Very reliable cropper–expect a great harvest

Planting Calendar

  • Best time to plant
  • Harvest
  • Flower

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Easy to grow
Perfect for Pots

Care Guide

Good disease/pest resistance

Pepper plants can suffer from Red Spider Mites, Blossom End Rot and Aphids. This variety has good resistance but these are the common pepper problems.MORE

Water Often

Full sun in a sheltered positionMORE

Full sun in a sheltered position

Chilli plants need 6-8 hours of direct sun every day. If not positioned in a greenhouse or inside space then place in a position sheltered from chilling winds such as a south-facing wall.MORE

Rich, well-draining soil

A good-mix to use is three parts quality compost to one part topsoil.MORE

Feed Regularly

As soon as the plant begins to produce flowers then start feeding them every fortnight with a high potash feed such as organic liquid tomato feed.MORE

Not required

Put the tools down! No pruning required.MORE

Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

3 Plug Plants
Plug plants are small seedlings that allows you to skip the germination process involved in having to sow from seed.

Height on arrival:


Eventual height:


Eventual spread:


Tasting notes:

Deep and sweet chilli flavour with sharp heat

Time to first crop:

12-14 weeks
Harvest when the chillis turn yellow for maximum heat


Not Hardy
Make sure to plant after first frost. Will do best in a warm greenhouse or window sill. If not possible then ensure they are planted in a sunny, sheltered position as the plant will need to be kept consistently warm to produce fruit.


Sauce, Jerk Rub, Seasoning, Salsa



If planting in rows, then plant at least 30-40cm apart. If planting in a pot then make sure the pot is atleast 30cm across and has adequate drainage holes.