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Campanula 'Takion White' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding
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Campanula 'Takion White' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding
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Campanula 'Takion White' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Campanula 'Takion White' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Campanula 'Takion White' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Campanula 'Takion White' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding

Campanula 'Takion White' | 3L Pot

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Starry white bellflowers on elegant stems
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The Highlights

    • Our 3L potted plants are premium, garden ready plants with a well established root system and strong, bushy growth. They are overwintered for a season, to ensure they are fully hardy and to give them more time to build a strong roots and spring growth. Plant these out in your garden and you are sure to get a spectacular display that year.MORE
    • Unique outward facing bell-flowers in crisp daisy white
    • Great for the front of borders to cover space
    • Also a superb feature for patio pots
    • Neat bushy growing habit
    • Brilliant plant to support local bee populations
    • Super easy to grow and incredibly tough

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

9 Litre Pot

Height on arrival:

Depending on the time of year, when your plant arrives it should be up to 30-50cm tall

Eventual height:


Eventual spread:


Time to first crop:

Flower colour:

Daisy White


The foliage will grow with a bushy habit but the flowers grow in a columnar/upright habit


Fully Hardy
Will endure even the harshest of British winters




Care Guide

Good Pest and Disease Resistance

Generally Campanula is trouble free when it comes to pests and diseases. It can have issues with slugs and snails, aphids, powdery mildew and rust. To prevent downy mildew you should try to prevent crowded and humid conditions. Properly space plants apart and get rid of any weeds. Water at the soil and try to prevent soil splashing from the soil onto the leaves. To combat aphids you can pick away the bugs with your hands and also wash the infested areas down with soapy water. To prevent rust try to prevent too much moisture sitting on the leaves by always watering at the ground and, if possible, watering in the morning to give the moisture time to evaporate off the surface during the day. You can spray you plant with Neem Oil or sulfur as well which works as a fungicide. There are a number of non-organic fungicides you can also purchase to protect your plants against Rust. For Slugs and Snails, it is important to keep the area around the plant debris free and as dry as possible, especially at night as slugs and snails love damp conditions. You can use barriers such as egg shells or copper wire to surround the plant to prevent slugs and snails reaching the leaves.MORE

Water Lightly

To begin with you will want to water the plant lightly, especially during dry periods. Once the roots have established, however, Campanulas need very little watering except in prolonged very dry periods.MORE

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Plant somewhere where the plant will receive around 6 hours of direct sunlight every day.MORE

Any Well-Drained Soil

Campanulas can thrive in nutrient-poor but well-drained soil. If you have very clay-heavy or waterlogged soil you should mix in plenty of perlite to improve drainage.MORE

Not Required

Don't worry, this isn't a hungry plant so your food bills won't be going up!MORE

Prune Lightly

Prune away flower stems after the bloom has finished and give the plant a little tidy up in spring removing any dead leaves.MORE