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Fuchsia 'Paula Jane Standard' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding
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Fuchsia 'Paula Jane Standard' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fuchsia 'Paula Jane Standard' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fuchsia 'Paula Jane Standard' | 3L Pot Perennial Bedding

Fuchsia 'Paula Jane Standard' | 3L Pot

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Enjoy the delightful bloom of Fuchsias year after year
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The Highlights

    • Our 3L potted plants are premium, garden ready plants with a well established root system and strong, bushy growth. They are overwintered for a season, to ensure they are fully hardy and to give them more time to build a strong roots and spring growth. Plant these out in your garden and you are sure to get a spectacular display that year.MORE
    • Masses of fuchsia pink and taffy pink flowers
    • Trained as a small standard tree–a beautiful feature for patios
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit winner
    • Half-Hardy Perennial In colder regions you will want to move this plant to a sheltered or indoor location to protect against prolonged frost. For this reasion we recommend growing his plant in a container whichyou can easily move around.MORE
    • Great plant to support local bee populations
    • Will flower all through the summer
    • Compact growth make them a neat option for beds and borders

Planting Calendar

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

3 Litre Pot

Height on arrival:

Depending on the time of year, when your plant arrives it should be up to 30-50cm tall

Eventual height:


Eventual spread:


Time to first crop:

Flower colour:

Fuchsia Pink, Taffy Pink




Not Hardy
This plant is not frost hardy and therefore will need tobe moved to a warmer, sheltered location such as a greenhouse or conservatory during the coldest parts of winter. That is why we recommend growing the plant in a pot so it is easy to move.




Care Guide

Good Pest and Disease Resistance

Fuchsias can have issues with Vine Weevils and Rust. To combat Vine Weevil, inspect the leaves regularly. If there are notches bitten off the ends of the leaves then this is a strong sign of adult Vine Weevils. At night you can go out and inspect the plant with a torch and, if you see any, pick them off and put them into a jar of water. You can also use specific nematodes which will target Vine Weevils and Cause them to die. Rust presents itself as discolouring on the leaves and especially orange, fuzzy like patches. There is no specific fungicides for Rust so, if spotted, you should prune away the leaves with clean prunes (washing the prunes after as well) and burn any leaves.MORE

Water Regularly

Water the plants to keep the soil consistently moist. During hot, dry, spells this means watering the plants at least once a day. If the plants are to be used in hanging baskets you may need to water twice a day if the plants begin to look distressed during hot periods.MORE

Full Sun

Fuchsias should be planted somewhere they receive around 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day.MORE

Fertile, Well-Draining Soil

The best soil to use is a quality potting mix or garden compost which is filled with rich organic matter and drains water away easily.MORE

Feed Regularly

Feed every week during the growing period with a high-potash feed such as liquid-tomato feed.MORE

Prune Regularly

For best results in terms of flowers, you should regularly check and deadhead (remove old, dead flowers) the plant.MORE