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Container Pond Plants

A container pond is the ideal way to add the relaxing sound of water, gorgeous greenery and wildlife appeal to patios, small gardens, yards and balconies. With Dwarf Water Lilies, compact oxygenating grasses and mini marginals, a lack of space doesn’t mean compromising on your pond plans. Check out our guide How to Make a Container Pond then fill it with the best selection of plants chosen especially for their naturally compact size, looks and variety.
Fibre Optic Plant | Isolepsis Cerna| Oxygenating
Fibre Optic Plant | Isolepsis Cerna| Oxygenating

Unique plant that looks like fibre optics!

2 options from £12.00
  • Zone 3 - Deep Water
  • Happy in full sun or partial shade
  • Summer flowering from June to August
  • Spectacular in pond margins or pots