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Fast Growing Hedging Plants

Fast growing hedges are a must for screening, privacy, peace and quiet. They can also provide shade or security and camouflage not-so-lovely buildings. It's not all about Leylandii (although we have those too) - you can grow a wide variety of hedges with flowers, fruit, autumn colour and wildlife appeal in an instant. Fast growing hedging is also excellent value for money - the rapid growth rate means you can buy smaller plants that will reach the height you want within a couple of growing seasons, so you get the look you want much quicker.

Field Maple Hedging | Acer campestre

The only UK native maple - great for wildlife

2 options from from £3.70
  • Award winning deciduous flowering hedge
  • Great as a wildlife friendly hedge on its own or mixed with other native species
  • Fast growing - between 30-60cm per year
  • Grows up to 8m, can be maintained at 1-5m