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Grape Vines

Ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard? Make a start now and in a few years' time, you could be bottling your own vintage. Grape vines make a dramatic and beautiful feature in a conservatory or trained on a pergola, and can be grown indoors in pots. Large frilled leaves provide cool shade while the vines work on producing delicious fruits. All of our grape vines are grafted or cutting grown from disease resistant rootstocks, for strength and vigour as well as earlier fruiting than plants grown from seed.

Which grape vine is best for you?

For growing grape vines outdoors in our less than Mediterranean climate, we recommend the white Phoenix, red Vanessa or Crimson varieties. Muscat Blue is also perfect for growing on a balcony, pergola or trellis in the garden. For growing indoors in pots, Lakemont Seedless and Boskoop Glory are good choices. Can’t choose? Try our Red and White Seedless Grape Collection. And if you’re in it for the long haul, Black Hamburgh vines have been found still producing fruit after 230 years.

Growers' tips

Plant your outdoor grape vines in well-drained soil in a south facing spot and support them on a wall or trellis. If you’re growing grape vines indoors, they’ll need large pots and to be trained with wires or twine along walls or ceilings. Wherever you plant your grape vines, they’ll appreciate regular feeding with an organic fertiliser and top-ups with compost to encourage vigorous growth and fruit production. Grape vines grow vigorously and will need to be pruned throughout spring, summer and winter and dead leaves removed in autumn. They’ll typically take a couple of years to start producing fruit, taking time to grow strong and establish themselves first. Read our guide to growing grape vines, for all the hints and tips you need for planting, training and harvesting your plants.

Using your grapes

Grape vines can produce fruit for eating (dessert grapes) or for wine, and some can be used for both purposes. Use your home grown grapes in fruit salads, waldorf salad, fruit kebabs and snacks. Add them to juices and jams, or make your own wine!