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Flowering Trees

There aren't many more uplifting sights than a tree breaking into blossom; heralding the start of spring and putting the dark days of winter behind us. Flowering Cherries and Crabapples are perennially popular, but there are many other fascinating species to explore...


Pink Perfection Cherry Blossom Tree
1 option from from £30.00

Rich in pink blossom cherry tree

  • One of the most floriferous of cherry blossoms
  • Blooming pale pink flowers in the spring
  • Foliage of bronze,green and orange shades
  • Small tree growing up to 4x4m
Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus serrulata 'Kanzan'
1 option from from £30.00

Magnificent tree with classic rich pink flowers

  • One of the most popular cherry trees
  • Blousy, double, rich pink flowers in the spring
  • Coppery foliage turning mid-green in the summer
  • Beautiful vase shaped crown spreading with age
Purple Leaf Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus serrulata 'Royal Burgundy'
1 option from from £30.00

Striking deep purple foliage with candy pink blossom

  • Flowering in March-April with double pink blossoms
  • Abundance of colour changing fine foliage changing
  • Coppery bark painting the winter landscape
  • Suitable for small gardens
Cheal's Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus 'Kiku-Shidare'
1 option from from £30.00

Blossom rich cherry tree

  • Add a touch of Zen to your garden
  • Double rose pink flowers in May
  • Elegant weeping shape
  • Perfect for small places like front garden or patio
Single Pink Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus Pendula Rubra
1 option from from £30.00

Candy floss flower statement for your garden

  • Single rose flowers blooming in March and April
  • Beautiful weeping habit
  • Green foliage turning red and yellow in fall
  • Small in size growing to 3x3m
Golden Mimosa Tree | Acacia dealbata
1 option from £45.00

January-blooming highly distinctive flowers provide a vibrant burst of sunshine during the winter months

  • Evergreen leaves adds winter interest
  • Flowers bloom in fluffy looking clusters
  • Bees and insects love the Mimosa flowers
  • The essence of the flowers is often used in perfumes
Blushing Bride Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus 'Shogetsu'
1 option from from £30.00

Show Stopping late flowering Japanese cherry tree

  • On of the finest late flowering Japanese cherries
  • Fantastic specimen tree
  • Double white flowers in abundance of clusters
  • Colour changing foliage appearing with the blossom
Evereste Crabapple Tree
2 options from from £30.00

Superb display of large white flowers and red fruit

  • Dazzling amount of white flowers turning pink
  • Very attractive red berries ideal for birds or jelly
  • Popular for its fire blight resistance
  • Proudly holding the RHS Award of Golden Merit
Accolade Cherry Blossom Tree
1 option from from £30.00

Early blooming cherry tree with blush pink flowers

  • One of the earliest blooming cherry trees
  • Display of pale pink, semi-double flowers
  • Mid-green foliage turning orange in autumn
  • Small tree growing to 4x4m
Flamingo Willow | Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki
1 option from £35.00

A rainbow of eyecatching colour for every season

  • This Flamingo Willow Tree is a real eye candy
  • Early spring brings graceful yellow catkins
  • Spring brings pink and green foliage
  • Summer adds white, green, cream and variegated leaves
John Downie Crabapple Tree
1 option from from £30.00

Flavoursome plum-sized crab apples

  • Abundance of plum-size orange fruit ideal for jams
  • Ideal for attracting pollinators
  • Blossom of delicate white flowers in the spring
  • Mid-green foliage turning into autumnal shades
Dwarf Weeping Yoshino Cherry | Prunus yedoensis 'Ivensii'
1 option from from £30.00

Eye catching snow white blossom overload

  • Profusion of clusters of white blossoms
  • Elegant weeping shape
  • Blooming in the spring
  • Ideal for small spaces
Golden Rain Tree | Laburnum watereri 'Vossii'
1 option from from £30.00

No information available!

Great White Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus 'Tai-Haku'
1 option from from £30.00

Bright white blossoms twice the size of other varieties

  • Pure white flowers double in size of any other tree
  • Beautiful colour changing foliage spring to autumn
  • True Japanese style of horizontally spreading crown
  • Fantastic specimen tree
Small Pink Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus 'Okame'
1 option from from £30.00

No information available!

The Bride Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus incisa
1 option from from £30.00

Really small tree with snow white flowers

  • Profusion of small white flowers in early spring
  • Colour statement for your garden
  • Green foliage turning to fiery red in autumn
  • Small tree growing to 4x4m
Whitebeam Tree | Sorbus aria 'Lutescens'
2 options from from £30.00

A spectacular display of silvery-grey

  • Distinctive, light green foliage
  • Adds winter interest to your garden
  • Creamy white flowers in Spring
  • Compact size - 6x4m
Black Cherry Plum Tree | Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra'
1 option from from £30.00

Unique tree with contrasting colours of deep purple and pink

  • Contrast of deep purple leaves & pale pink flowers
  • Stems blending with the colour scheme of the tree
  • Small red berries attracting birds
  • Ideal for small spaces growing to 4x4m
Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus Shirofugen
1 option from from £30.00

Incredible three month long display of white blossom

  • Long lasting display of blossom, from April - June
  • Fantastic focal point to any garden
  • Double white blossom,fading to pale pink as they age
  • Colour changing foliage from spring to autumn
Snowy Mespilus | Juneberry Tree | Amelanchier canadensis
1 option from £25.00

Vibrant and striking displays of Autumn colour, complemented by masses of edible berries

  • Small, tough yet graceful bushy tree
  • Vibrant and striking display of Autumn colour
  • Berries ripen in the summer, attracting wildlife
  • Fully hardy and low-maintenance
Japanese Crabapple Tree | Malus floribunda
1 option from from £30.00

Impressive rich pink flower canopy

  • Profusion of fragrant, single, pale pink blossom
  • Small 1.2cm fruits can be used to make jellies
  • Year round interest with flowers,fruit and foliage
  • Fantastic specimen tree for your garden
Weeping Yoshino Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus Yedoensis
1 option from £30.00

Those white flower clusters will blow you away

  • Profusion of clusters of white blossoms
  • Elegant weeping shape
  • Blooming in early spring
  • Grows between 6-7.5m x 6-9m
Jelly King' Crabapple Tree
1 option from from £30.00

If you want to enter the jam-making business this tree is for you

  • The Jelly King best for jelly making
  • Fruit lasting all the way to December
  • Harvest will increase as the tree ages
  • Beautiful display of pale pink flowers
Royalty Crabapple Tree
1 option from £35.00

Royal red foliage and flowers

  • Deep purple-red flowers in mid spring
  • Purple foliage turns red in autumn
  • Deep red cherry-like fruits
  • Easy maintenance

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