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Climbing Roses

Beautiful, long-lived and fragrant climbing roses are the perfect plants to grow up walls, fences, pergolas and more. Many of them can be grown in pots, making them ideal for patios and smaller gardens. Repeat flowering for colour all summer long, climber roses are an essential part of a formal garden. Team them with late-flowering clematis to extend the season or with grasses and evergreens for a fresh contemporary look.

Climbing Rose 'Farruca Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Roses like they used to be!

1 option from £23.00
  • Large, full double blooms in a soft dark red
  • Mildly fragranced
  • Continuous flowering, a true vintage rose
  • Neat and compact, perfect for patios!
Climbing Rose 'Liwa Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Free-flowering fiery red roses

1 option from £23.00
  • Semi-double orange-red blooms up to to 10cm wide
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Covered in flowers all summer long
  • Perfect for pergolas and pots
Climbing Rose 'Swan Lake' | 4.5L Pot

A bright and graceful modern climber

1 option from £23.00
  • The lightest powder pink double roses
  • Slightly fragranced
  • Very free flowering and perfect for cutting
  • An enchanting climber for pillars, walls and fences
Climbing Rose 'Mamma Mia Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Prolific blooms in powder pink

1 option from £23.00
  • Unique powder pink blooms with a hint of lilac
  • Wild rose scent
  • Flowers all the way up from the base of the plant
  • Twine around pergolas and fences
Climbing Rose 'Parade' | 4.5L Pot

Old Rose fragrance with deep pink blooms

1 option from £23.00
  • Large clusters of deep carmine pink blooms
  • Strong Old Rose fragrance
  • Repeat flowering with vigorous glossy foliage
  • Perfect for doorways, walls and large arches
Climbing Rose 'New Dawn' | 4.5L Pot

Sweetly fragrant and so versatile

1 option from £23.00
  • Clusters of silver-tinged, soft pink blooms
  • Sweetly fragrant with fruity notes
  • A repeat flowering climber up to 4.5m
  • Twine around arches and doorways
Climbing Rose 'Golden Showers' | 4.5L Pot

Grow sunny golden roses around the door

1 option from £23.00
  • Repeat-flowering golden yellow double blooms
  • Light, sweet fragrance
  • A hardy and vigorous climber up to 4.5m high
  • Perfect for scrambling over doorways and arches
Climbing Rose 'Pasillo Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Deep pink double blooms

1 option from £23.00
  • Strong, deep pink double blooms
  • Subtle, sweet scent
  • Flowers all the way up from the base of the plant
  • Very compact patio climber, ideal for pots
Climbing Rose 'Antike' | 4.5L Pot

A showstopping climber for a sunny spot

1 option from £23.00
  • Deep, cup-shaped full blooms in a vintage dusky pink
  • Lightly fragranced
  • Vigorous full blooms that are loved by the bees!
  • Perfect for a sunny wall or doorway
Climbing Rose 'RedovaCourtyard®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Climbing Rose 'RedovaCourtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

A vibrant blend of pinks, reds and yellows

0 options from £23.00
  • Double blooms in a warm blend of pink, red and yellow tones
  • Light, sweet fragrance
  • Very free flowering from June to October
  • Ideal for fences, walls and pergolas
Climbing Rose 'Violette Perfume' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Climbing Rose 'Violette Perfume' | 4.5L Pot

Famously fragrant

0 options from £23.00
  • Loosely clustered blooms in a delicate lilac, deepening to fuchsia and violet in full sun
  • Famous for its gorgeous scent
  • Extremely hardy, with flowers up to early autumn
  • The ideal cottage garden rose - plant near seating areas.
Climbing Rose 'Mapale Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Climbing Rose 'Mapale Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Clusters of warm golden yellow

0 options from £23.00
  • Clusters of ruffled, golden yellow roses
  • Subtle wild rose fragrance
  • Dozens of flowers throughout the season
  • Ideal for small spaces
Climbing Rose 'Eisa Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Climbing Rose 'Eisa Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Our favourite white climbing rose

0 options from £23.00
  • Glorious white and cream double blooms
  • Subtly scented
  • A versatile, repeat flowering climber
  • Compact and perfect for patio pots

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