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Pear Trees

Pear trees bring autumn colour, spring blossom and summer fruits to your garden, with far better choice and flavour than you’ll find in the shops. They can be trained to suit small or large gardens, or grown in pots on the patio. Our premium pear trees are bred for hardiness, taste and performance on a traditional farm in Hereford. They’re then handpicked and professionally pruned by our experts, guaranteeing them a long and productive life in your garden.

Which pear tree?

Did you know that Conference pear is the UK’s favourite fruit tree? Well deserved in our grower’s opinion! It’s bred for a knockout performance in the UK climate and can even be grown in a pot. Concorde and Doyenne du Comice have a superb flavour when eaten raw, while for the sweetest dessert pears, Williams 'Bon Chretien' is our favourite. For something more unusual, grow Kumoi Nashi Pears - these Asian pears are hard to find in the shops and have a delicious sweet white flesh. Still can’t choose? We can help with that!

What's the deal with rootstocks?

Most pear trees are grown on Quince A rootstocks, growing to a manageable size of 4x4m, but suitable for pruning to keep them smaller. These are a perfect fit for the average garden. Some varieties are available as dwarf trees (1.5x1m) or cordon trained trees (2x1m), making them ideal for small spaces and pots.

Growers' tips

Pear trees are best planted in a warm, sheltered spot in full sun or partial shade - ideally against a south or west facing wall or a sunny patio where they’ll be protected against frost. Pear trees prefer a well drained soil and appreciate a mulch in the autumn. All of our pear trees are partially self fertile which means that they’ll crop on their own, but will produce even more fruit with a pollination partner (a pear tree of another variety) nearby.

Using your pears

Poached pears, poire belle Helene, roquefort salad - there’s no end to the fancy meals you can serve up with pears, but nothing beats just eating them straight off the tree when they’re ripe and running with juice. Have you tried them with blueberries? It’s a surprisingly great pairing (sorry) of tangy sharpness with melting richness, as illustrated in this Mary Berry galette recipe.