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Crabapple Trees

Known as ‘The Jewels of the Landscape’, crabapple trees provide four seasons of colour, with some of the garden’s most beautiful blossoms in spring, autumn reds and golds, and bright red or yellow fruits in summer which last until Christmas (if you don’t pick them to make crabapple jelly or cider.) Naturally compact, they’re the perfect choice for a smaller garden - the birds, bees and butterflies certainly think so! We recommend buying bare root crabapple trees and planting in winter. As well as being great value, bare root trees establish quickly and are easy to care for when newly planted. Read on for your guide to choosing and caring for crabapple trees.

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Choose your Crabapple Trees

Our Crabapple collection includes four RHS Award of Garden Merit winners, including Evereste (large white flowers and red berries) and Sun Rival, a weeping variety. John Downie is our choice for blossom, being covered in clusters of white flowers each Spring, while the Japanese Crabapple has fragrant pink blossoms and dark red fruits. Compact Jelly King may be the smallest variety, but is also the best for jam and jelly, and will yield larger harvests each year

Where to grow your Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees will grow happily in any moist, well-drained soil. They thrive in positions with full sun or partial shade, but the sunnier the spot, the more fruit will ripen. These colourful varieties look great as specimen trees or in avenues, and all are suitable for even small gardens, as they can grow to an average mature height of 3-4 m and can be pruned to fit any space.

Crabapple Tree Care Tips

Crabapple trees are full hardy and very easy to care for. They create a well-branched shape naturally, so little or no pruning is necessary. You will need to water your Crabapple trees for a couple of months when newly planted, but once established, they are drought-resistant. For more tips and advice for successful Crabapple tree growing, see our Full Care Guide.


Golden Hornet' Crabapple Tree

Bears bright golden fruits

1 option from from £45.00
  • Highly ornamental tree
  • Attractive to wildlife
  • Eye-catching bright golden fruits
  • White blossom with a hint of pink
Jelly King' Crabapple Tree

If you want to enter the jam-making business this tree is for you

1 option from from £35.00
  • The Jelly King best for jelly making
  • Fruit lasting all the way to December
  • Harvest will increase as the tree ages
  • Beautiful display of pale pink flowers
Evereste Crabapple Tree
Sold out
Evereste Crabapple Tree

Superb display of large white flowers and red fruit

0 options from £30.00
  • Dazzling amount of white flowers turning pink
  • Very attractive red berries ideal for birds or jelly
  • Popular for its fire blight resistance
  • Proudly holding the RHS Award of Golden Merit
John Downie Crabapple Tree
Sold out
John Downie Crabapple Tree

Flavoursome plum-sized crab apples

0 options from £35.00
  • Abundance of plum-size orange fruit ideal for jams
  • Ideal for attracting pollinators
  • Blossom of delicate white flowers in the spring
  • Mid-green foliage turning into autumnal shades
Japanese Crabapple Tree | Malus floribunda
Sold out
Japanese Crabapple Tree | Malus floribunda

Impressive rich pink flower canopy

0 options from £35.00
  • Profusion of fragrant, single, pale pink blossom
  • Small 1.2cm fruits can be used to make jellies
  • Year round interest with flowers,fruit and foliage
  • Fantastic specimen tree for your garden
Professor Sprenger' Crabapple Tree
Sold out
Professor Sprenger' Crabapple Tree

Perfect for Pollinators

0 options from £35.00
  • White blossom unfurling from deep pink buds
  • Golden yellow leaves in autumn
  • Red-orange fruits make outstanding jelly
  • RHS Plants for Pollinators
Red Sentinel' Crabapple Tree
Sold out
Red Sentinel' Crabapple Tree

White blossom and ruby red fruits

0 options from £35.00
  • Ruby red, jewel-like fruits for jelly, jam and cider
  • Clouds of white blossom in spring
  • Attracts wildlife to your garden
  • RHS Award winner
Royalty Crabapple Tree
Sold out
Royalty Crabapple Tree

Royal red foliage and flowers

0 options from £35.00
  • Deep purple-red flowers in mid spring
  • Purple foliage turns red in autumn
  • Deep red cherry-like fruits
  • Easy maintenance
Montreal Beauty' Crabapple Tree
Sold out
Montreal Beauty' Crabapple Tree

Beautiful in every season

0 options from £35.00
  • Masses of white blossom in spring
  • Bronzed yellow foliage in autumn
  • Yellow fruits with a red blush
  • Attracts pollinators and garden birds
Sun Rival' Crabapple Tree
Sold out
Sun Rival' Crabapple Tree

Beautifully weeping small tree

0 options from £45.00
  • Beautiful display throughout the seasons
  • White spring blossom emerging from carmine pink buds
  • Come autumn red crab apples will appear until winter
  • Grows to 5mx4,5m perfectly suitable for small gardens

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