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Crabapple Trees

When the native crabapple opens its red buds to reveal the delicate white flowers beneath, the glorious pinky mix is one of our finest spring sights. Further joy awaits in the Winter Freeze, when the unique red-berry, yellow-berry colours of the crabapple fruits linger as nature’s Christmas baubles (assuming you were able to resist picking them to make crabapple jelly).

Evereste' Crabapple Tree
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Superb display of large white flowers and red fruit

  • Dazzling amount of white flowers turning pink
  • Very attractive red berries ideal for birds or jelly
  • Popular for its fire blight resistance
  • Proudly holding the RHS Award of Golden Merit
John Downie' Crabapple Tree
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John Downie' Crabapple Tree
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Flavoursome plum-sized crab apples

  • Abundance of plum-size orange fruit ideal for jams
  • Ideal for attracting pollinators
  • Blossom of delicate white flowers in the spring
  • Mid-green foliage turning into autumnal shades
Japanese Crabapple Tree | Malus floribunda
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Japanese Crabapple Tree | Malus floribunda
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Impressive rich pink flower canopy

  • Profusion of fragrant, single, pale pink blossom
  • Small 1.2cm fruits can be used to make jellies
  • Year round interest with flowers,fruit and foliage
  • Fantastic specimen tree for your garden
Jelly King' Crabapple Tree
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Jelly King' Crabapple Tree
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If you want to enter the jam-making business this tree is for you

  • The Jelly King best for jelly making
  • Fruit lasting all the way to December
  • Harvest will increase as the tree ages
  • Beautiful display of pale pink flowers
Sun Rival' Crabapple Tree
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Sun Rival' Crabapple Tree
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Beautifully weeping small tree

  • Beautiful display throughout the seasons
  • White spring blossom emerging from carmine pink buds
  • Come autumn red crab apples will appear until winter
  • Grows to 5mx4,5m perfectly suitable for small gardens

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