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Ivy Plants

Hardy evergreen climbing or groundcover plants, self-clinging so don’t need support, great in shade or sun, wonderful trailing plants for hanging baskets. After some 10 years, they will start to produce flowers and become more shrubby, but this can be prevented with regular pruning.


Hedera 'Clotted Cream' | On a 90cm Cane in a 3L Pot

Frilled leaves and ivory flowers make this an ivy with a difference

1 option from £18.00
  • Unique creamy white frilled leaf pattern
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Attractive to honey bees
  • Clusters of ivory flowers
Hedera 'Colchica Dentata Variegata' | On a 90cm Cane in a 3L Pot

Award winning evergreen with lime and emerald foliage

1 option from £18.00
  • Award winning Evergreen Climber
  • Stunning variegated lime and emerald foliage
  • Ideal for vertical or ground coverage
  • Brings colour and sophistication to your living space
Hedera 'Helix Goldchild' | On a 90cm Cane in a 3L Pot

Gold and emerald foliage to brighten any corner of the garden

1 option from £18.00
  • Classic evergreen climber
  • Eyecatching variegated emerald and gold foliage
  • Ideal coverage for a sunny wall
  • Brightens up any corner of the garden
Boston Ivy | Parthenocissus 'Tricuspidata Veitchi' | On a 90cm Cane in a 3L Pot
Sold out
Boston Ivy | Parthenocissus 'Tricuspidata Veitchi' | On a 90cm Cane in a 3L Pot

Carpet your world in nature

0 options from £18.00
  • Can easily climb up and cover an entire two-story wall
  • Vibrant green in Summer to firery red foliage in Autumn
  • RHS Award Winner for reliable, vigorous growth
  • Can cope in full sun or shade

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