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Ornamental Trees

For simplicity, we’ve divided our trees between Fruit and Ornamental - but Fruit Trees can be highly decorative! Consider Trees for Autumn Colour , Flowering Trees for Spring Blossom , Trees for Year-round Interest , Weeping Trees and Evergreen trees . Any tree can be pruned to the perfect size for a small garden , but there are also dwarf varieties for patios and pots .

Mountain Ash Rowan Tree | Sorbus aucuparia
Mountain Ash Rowan Tree | Sorbus aucuparia

Perfect size & shape, fiery autumn foliage, vibrant winter berries & creamy autumn flowers - What more do you want?

1 option from £45.00 £40.00
  • Beautiful pink berries
  • Spectacular Autumn colour
  • Aids native wildlife & bees
  • Tolerant of pollution
Silver Birch Tree | Betula Pendula

Statuesque, with classic silver-white bark

1 option from from £45.00
  • A striking, medium-sized deciduous tree
  • Elegant silver bark and gracefully weeping branches
  • A favourite of local wildlife
  • Fully hardy and low-maintenance
Purple Leaf Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus serrulata 'Royal Burgundy'

Striking deep purple foliage with candy pink blossom

1 option from from £45.00
  • Flowering in March-April with double pink blossoms
  • Abundance of colour changing fine foliage changing
  • Coppery bark painting the winter landscape
  • Suitable for small gardens
Kilmarnock Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree | Salix Caprea

A gracefully weeping, compact willow

3 options from from £25.00
  • Dwarf willow tree perfect for small spaces
  • Abundance of fuzzy grey catkins
  • Weeping habit is stunning when covered in snow or frost
  • Ideal for attracting pollinators
Red Hawthorn Tree | Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet'

The hardiest, most fantastically flowering, award winning native Hawthorn - this tree has got the lot!

1 option from £45.00
  • Award Winning Double Crimson Flowering Hawthorn
  • Ideal for smaller gardens
  • Offers varied seasonal interest
  • Provides a safe nesting place for birds
Pink Winter Flowering Cherry Tree | Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis Rosea'

All year-round flowering cherry tree

1 option from from £45.00
  • Rosy pink flowers November-March
  • Foliage from green to yellow,orange & red in autumn
  • Blossom from November - March
  • Grows between 3-4m x 3-4m
Single Stem Tibetan Cherry Tree | Prunus Serrula

Instant atmosphere with spectacular peeling bark

1 option from from £50.00
  • Eye catching smooth, bronze peeling bark tree
  • Display of small white flowers in the spring
  • Dark green foliage turning rich yellow in autumn
  • Small tree growing to 4x4m
Indian Bean Tree | Catalpa bignonioides 'Aurea'

Golden foliage with fragrant summer blooms.

2 options from from £20.00
  • Perfect for bringing a splash of colour to your garden
  • Large, heart-shaped, velvety foliage
  • Offers varied seasonal interest
  • Can be cut back and adapted for smaller spaces
Golden Weeping Willow Tree | Salix Chrysocoma

A true arboricultural icon often found raining down cascades of gold elegance upon the riverbanks of our nation

1 option from from £45.00
  • An abundance of gracefully weeping yellow branches
  • Yellow catkins appearing in the spring
  • Green foliage from spring all through to autumnMORE
  • Grows to 12m height
Single Pink Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus Pendula Rubra

Candy floss flower statement for your garden

1 option from from £45.00
  • Single rose flowers blooming in March and April
  • Beautiful weeping habit
  • Green foliage turning red and yellow in fall
  • Small in size growing to 3x3m
Pink Pagoda Rowan Tree | Sorbus hupehensis

The perfect choice to add a splash of pink to your garden

1 option from from £45.00
  • Beautiful pink blushed berries
  • Enchantingly beautiful colours for each season
  • Aids native wildlife & bees
  • Compact size - 4x4m
Golden Mimosa Tree | Acacia dealbata

January-blooming highly distinctive flowers provide a vibrant burst of sunshine during the winter months

1 option from £45.00
  • Evergreen leaves adds winter interest
  • Flowers bloom in fluffy looking clusters
  • Bees and insects love the Mimosa flowers
  • The essence of the flowers is often used in perfumes
Golden Rain Tree | Laburnum watereri 'Vossii'

The Pride of India

1 option from from £50.00
  • Broad-crowned deciduous tree
  • Known as the Pride of India
  • Tolerant of urban conditions
  • Provides year-long interest
Accolade Cherry Blossom Tree

Early blooming cherry tree with blush pink flowers

1 option from from £45.00
  • One of the earliest blooming cherry trees
  • Display of pale pink, semi-double flowers
  • Mid-green foliage turning orange in autumn
  • Small tree growing to 4x4m
Blushing Bride Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus 'Shogetsu'

Show Stopping late flowering Japanese cherry tree

1 option from from £45.00
  • On of the finest late flowering Japanese cherries
  • Fantastic specimen tree
  • Double white flowers in abundance of clusters
  • Colour changing foliage appearing with the blossom
Himalayan Birch Tree | Betula Utilis Jacquemontii

The Himalayan 'Snow Queen'

1 option from from £26.00
  • Named The 'Snow Queen'
  • Green foliage is complemented by yellow catkins
  • Brings winter wonder to your garden
  • Native to the Himalayas
English Oak Tree | Quercus Robur

The King of Trees

1 option from from £20.00
  • Grand and Majestic Oak Tree
  • Dark green foliage in summer
  • Spectacular bronze autumn colour
  • Very popular with local wildlife
Whitebeam Tree | Sorbus aria 'Lutescens'

A spectacular display of silvery-grey

1 option from from £45.00
  • Distinctive, light green foliage
  • Adds winter interest to your garden
  • Creamy white flowers in Spring
  • Compact size - 6x4m
Sweetgum Tree | Liquidambar styraciflua 'Worplesdon'

Spectacularly colourful pyramidal tree

1 option from from £45.00
  • Perfect shade tree
  • Striking Autumn Colours
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit winner
  • Green deep-lobed leaves
Great White Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus 'Tai-Haku'

Bright white blossoms twice the size of other varieties

1 option from from £45.00
  • Pure white flowers double in size of any other tree
  • Beautiful colour changing foliage spring to autumn
  • True Japanese style of horizontally spreading crown
  • Fantastic specimen tree
Weeping Silver Birch Tree | Betula Pendula Youngii

A smaller and more weeping alternative

1 option from from £50.00
  • A smaller and more weeping alternative
  • Compact dome and long, graceful branches
  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • Fully hardy and low-maintenance
Dwarf Weeping Yoshino Cherry | Prunus yedoensis 'Ivensii'

Eye catching snow white blossom overload

1 option from from £45.00
  • Profusion of clusters of white blossoms
  • Elegant weeping shape
  • Blooming in the spring
  • Ideal for small spaces
Joseph Rock Rowan Tree | Sorbus

The perfect choice to add a splash of yellow to your garden

1 option from from £45.00
  • Beautiful yellow berries
  • Vibrant red autumn foliage
  • Tolerant of pollution
  • Compact size - 7x4m
Vilmorinii Rowan Tree | Sorbus

The perfect choice to add a splash of pink to your garden

1 option from from £45.00
  • Wonderful pink berries
  • Provides all-year round interest to your garden
  • Aids native wildlife & bees
  • Compact size - 7x6m

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