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Ornamental Trees

Our premium trees start life on a farm in the South Downs National Park, where one family of growers has been raising them in natural conditions for over a century. They’re grown outdoors at their own pace to establish quickly for a long and happy life in your garden. We’re proud to bring you the best collection of garden trees in the UK, especially curated for us by the experts and professionally pruned before being sent to you.

The perfect tree is one that is the right size and type for your garden. But most importantly, it’s the tree you love the most! We’ll help you find it with this easy guide.

Looking for a flowering tree?

Flowering trees are not just ornamental (although they definitely tick that box). They’re vital for wildlife, too, providing pollen and nectar for the insects that help your garden grow. Most put on their floral display in spring, including the ethereal cherry blossom and bold magnolia, followed in summer by Tulip Tree, golden Laburnum and Catalpa. Some trees even flower through the autumn and winter months, like Pink Winter Flowering Cherry and Golden Mimosa. To add a wow factor to your garden at any time of year, check out some of our best and brightest flowering trees.

Only have room for a small tree?

Even if your outdoor space is a bit on the small side, there are lots of outstanding trees you can grow. With more and more dwarf or naturally compact varieties becoming available, there’s a tree to suit even the tightest of spaces, and many that grow happily in containers, including flowering crabapples, graceful dwarf willows, tall, slender flagpole cherry blossoms and colourful, compact acers. We think these are seven of the best.

Want to welcome more wildlife?

Native tree species have evolved alongside our wildlife for centuries (did you know an English Oak supports 284 different insect species?) and have adapted perfectly to our interesting climate. For those of us who want to give a helping hand to visiting birds, mammals and insects, planting a native tree is a strong statement. Of course it helps that they’re some of the hardiest and most beautiful trees you can get, and easy to care for too. We’re talking compact crabapples, berry-covered rowans, elegant birch trees and blossoming hawthorns.

Caring for your tree

Most trees prefer to be planted in a sunny or partially shaded spot out of the way of any cold or drying winds, and in well draining soil. You’ll need to water them regularly until their root systems are established (this takes about a year) but after that, they’ll get most of their needs met by the rain. To keep your tree healthy, tidy and at a manageable size, you’ll probably need to do some pruning once or twice a year - and of course trees love a bit of mulch! Check our individual tree pages to find out how to care for yours, or find out more with our growers’ guides.