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Blackcurrant and Redcurrant Plants

Growing blackcurrants and redcurrants is easy and produces large crops of delicious berries packed with nutrients, as well as attracting pollinators to your garden. Bare root currant plants are available to plant from November to March, offering strong and healthy blackcurrants and redcurrants at even better prices. They establish in your garden quickly over winter for a flying start to your growing season. Find out more about choosing your plants, where to grow them and how to care for your currants.

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Choose your Blackcurrant and Redcurrant Plants

For a delicious cooking fruit, go for blackcurrants. Choose Ben Lomond, Ben Connan or Big Ben for perfect pies and jams - they’re all frost resistant too. Redcurrants can be eaten raw and will thrive even in North facing gardens - both Rovada and Red Lake are high cropping varieties. For something different, try blackcurrant-gooseberry hybrid Jostaberry, superfood Cranberry or Nordic superstar Lingonberry.

Where to grow Blackcurrant and Redcurrant plants

Blackcurrants need full sun, so position your plants in a warm, sheltered spot. They do best when planted in the ground - make sure the soil is well drained and kept moist. Redcurrants can cope with colder conditions, thrive in pots and can be trained. Both kinds of currants are hardy enough to grow in any area of the UK.

Blackcurrant and Redcurrant plant care tips

Currant plants are largely trouble-free and will reward you with large crops. Feed them with a high potash fertiliser in the growing season and be sure to harvest them on a dry day. Remove any weeds around your plants by hand, as the roots are easily damaged. For more on planting, growing and caring for your currant plants, read our Full Care Guide.


Big Ben Blackcurrant Bush

Produces fruit almost 3x the size of other varieties

2 options from from £10.00
  • Produces extremely large fruit
  • Developed especially for the fresh market
  • Easy to pick fruit
  • High disease resistance
Jonkheer van Tets' Redcurrant Plant

Heavy cropping early redcurrant

1 option from £15.00
  • Clusters of large, juicy redcurrants
  • Impressive yields from early July
  • Hardy, low-maintenance plants
  • RHS award winner
Red Lake' Redcurrant Bush

Outstanding juicy flavour

1 option from £8.00
  • Long strings of large redcurrants
  • Excellent for cooking
  • Freezes & stores well
  • Outstanding juicy flavour
White Versailles' Whitecurrant Plant

Sweet, translucent currants

1 option from £15.00
  • Gorgeous, irridescent white fruits
  • Sweeter tasting than redcurrants
  • Pale yellow flowers amid lobed foliage
  • Grow in pots or borders
Ben Connan Blackcurrant Bush
Sold out
Ben Connan Blackcurrant Bush

Frost resistant - ideal for colder climates

0 options from £13.00
  • Boasts a superb rich flavour
  • Grows compactly
  • Ideally suited for UK climate
  • Perfect for small spaces
Rovada Redcurrant Bush
Sold out
Rovada Redcurrant Bush

One of the best varieties available

0 options from £13.00
  • Large red fruit in summer
  • Superbly flavoured
  • RHS plants for pollinators winner
  • Perfect for pies, tarts & jelly
Gloire de Sablons' Pink Currant Plant
Sold out
Gloire de Sablons' Pink Currant Plant

Sweet, fragrant and easy to grow

0 options from £15.00
  • Soft, translucent pink fruits
  • Old French currant variety
  • Perfect for summer puddings
  • Bursting with sweetness
Ben Lomond Blackcurrant Bush
Sold out
Ben Lomond Blackcurrant Bush

Glossy fruits of delicious flavour

0 options from £13.00
  • Freezes & stores well
  • Perfect for cooking with
  • Produces glossy fruit of delicious flavour
  • Attracts bees and other pollinators

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