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Rushes are semi-aquatic marginal pond plants, growing in moist or partially submerged conditions. Smaller bulrush plants such as Bulrush Typha Mimima, or dwarf reed mace, have a slower growing rate and are perfect for smaller ponds or aquatic tubs. Some of the larger and more invasive varieties such as Typha Latifolia bulrush can be grown in planting baskets, and Soft Rush or Spiral Rush are cultivated as ornamental grasses and are ideal for smaller ponds, raised bed gardens or potted patio planting.

Miniature Bulrush | Typha minima
Miniature Bulrush | Typha minima

Perfect for smaller ponds

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  • Zone 2 - Pond Edges
  • Grow in a position with full sun
  • A delightful miniature native bulrush
  • Perfect for small ponds and containers