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Ferns are non-flowering vascular plants that grow in moist but well-draining soil and shaded areas. Their leaves are known as fronds which unfurl from tightly coiled crosier buds. The Japanese Painted Fern is a deciduous fern native to eastern Asia, the metallic silver foliage and red stems make this a popular choice for shady areas and underplanting. An ancient plant, ferns come in deciduous and evergreen varieties, and the deciduous plants change colour over autumn and grow new fronds in springtime.

Woodland Fern Collection
Woodland Fern Collection

A trio of ferns to bring the forest to your garden

3 options from £24.00 £20.00
  • Perfect for shady borders, woodland gardens and planting under trees
  • A range of textures for maximum interest
  • Colours to contrast and complement
  • Our growers' best ferns