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Blueberry Plants

Blueberries don’t need much space, so you can grow them anywhere! Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, they are brilliant for making smoothies, jams or just eating by the handful. Read on for more tips about choosing blueberry plants, where to grow blueberries and how to care for your plants.

Choose your Blueberry plants

Blueberries will produce fruit on their own, but for bigger harvests, plant two or more close together. We recommend Duke, Patriot and Goldtraube which will fruit in succession for berries all summer. For looks, we’d choose the evergreen Sunshine Blue with its red flowers and large inky berries, or for something different, why not try the blush-coloured Pink Lemonade?

Where to grow Blueberry plants

Blueberries are ideal for smaller gardens as they are compact bushes, and are particularly suited to containers. They will produce fruit in partial shade, but prefer full sun. They need acidic soil, so plant in pots if your garden has a different soil type.

Blueberry plant care tips

Blueberries don’t need much attention, but they will benefit from a weekly feed in the growing season and prefer to be watered with rainwater. Harvest your berries from midsummer - the crop will increase each year. For more on caring for your blueberry plants including planting, growing and harvesting, see our Full Care Guide.


Sunshine Blue Evergreen Blueberry Bush
2 options from from £10.00

Beautiful ornamental value & great tasting fruit

  • Can tolerate higher soil pH & temperatures
  • Great ornamental value
  • Sweet and tangy fruit
  • Great for making jams
Bluecrop Blueberry Bush
1 option from £15.00

Considered to be one of the most reliable croppers

  • One of the most reliable croppers
  • High yields of large fruits
  • Easy to grow and disease resistant
  • Provides ornamental value
Pink Lemonade Blueberry Bush
1 option from £15.00

A distinct tangy taste of pink lemonade

  • New blueberry variety
  • Delicious pink blueberries
  • Distinct tangy taste of pink lemonade
  • Not found in supermarkets
Goldtraube Blueberry Bush
1 option from £15.00

One of the most flavoursome mid-season varieties

  • Flavoursome mid-season blueberry
  • Larger than average fruits
  • Lovely sweet flavour
  • Loved by pollinating insects
All Season Blueberry Plants Collection | 3x 10cm Pots
All Season Blueberry Plants Collection | 3x 10cm Pots
1 option from £30.00 £18.00

Three superb varieties for blueberries all summer

  • Heavy crops of juicy berries fresh from the garden
  • Early, mid and late season varieties for fruit from July to September
  • Ideal for growing in patio pots or borders
  • Delicious superfruit packed with vitamins and antioxidants
Herbert Blueberry Bush
1 option from £15.00

One of the best flavoured varieties

  • Lightly speckled fruits
  • Known for its rich and tangy flavour
  • One of the best flavoured varieties
  • Great eaten fresh or for jam-making
Duke Blueberry Bush
1 option from £15.00

One of the most widely planted early ripening variety of blueberry bush

  • Early crop of light blue berries
  • Firm flesh and mildly sweet flavour
  • Retains freshness for longer
  • Freezes and stores well
3x 'Sunshine Blue' Blueberry Plants
3x 'Sunshine Blue' Blueberry Plants
1 option from £30.00 £18.00

Year-round colour and sweet, juicy blueberries

  • Excellent yields of sweet, tangy berries
  • Mid-late season variety fruits in July, August and beyond
  • Neat, compact bush ideal for growing in patio pots
  • Bee-friendly evergreen variety for year-round colour
Patriot Blueberry Bush
Sold out
Patriot Blueberry Bush
0 options from £15.00

Delicious fruit & an ideal landscape feature

  • Biggest early season blueberry
  • Fantastic autumn display and snowy blossoms
  • Yields a heavy crop of fruit
  • Attracts bees and other pollinators

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