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Oxygenating Pond Plants

Oxygenators are some of the hardest working plants in the pond - they help to keep it clear and healthy, reduce algae and if that wasn’t enough, they also encourage wildlife to your garden! Choose from floating, submerged, flowering and UK native oxygenating plants - these multi-tasking perennials sparkle with colour, texture and year round interest, revitalising any pond or water garden. Find your perfect oxygenators in our latest collection - we’ve picked the best for large and small ponds, wildlife gardens and even container ponds.

Hornwort Plant | Oxygenating
Hornwort Plant | Oxygenating

Keeps your pond healthy

2 options from £15.00
  • Zone 3 - Deep Water
  • Grows well in full sun, partial or full shade
  • Excellent algae control
  • A free floating native plant for oxygenating ponds and lakes