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Strawberry Plants

Strawberries are everyone’s favourite summer fruit - easy to grow, perfect for pots or beds and packed full of flavour - just add cream! Read on for tips on choosing strawberry plants, where to grow strawberries and how to care for your plants.

Choose your Strawberry plants

If you have plenty of space, you can plant early, mid and late season strawberries which fruit in succession. The perfect combination? Honeoye, Cambridge Favourite / Elsanta and Florence. For smaller spaces we recommend the everbearing varieties that fruit for longer, such as Mara des Bois and Flamenco. For something a bit different, try raspberry flavour Framberry or the white Pineberry with its unique pineapple flavour.

Where to grow Strawberry plants

Strawberries can be grown in pots, beds, borders, window boxes and even hanging baskets. They fruit best when positioned in full sun. If planting in beds, net the strawberries to keep birds away.

Strawberry plant care tips

Strawberries benefit from feeding with a tomato fertiliser and need to be watered regularly. Wait until the berries are fully red before picking - if you can resist! For more tips on choosing, planting and growing strawberry plants, read our Full Care Guide.


Mara Des Bois' Strawberry Plants
1 option from from£8.00

The top chefs' favourite

  • Fragrant and intensely flavoured fruit
  • Produces fruit for over 4 months
  • Top Chefs' favourite
  • Modern French everbearer variety
Cambridge Favourite' Strawberry Plants
1 option from from£8.00

Best known and most loved Strawberry ever

  • Famous for its amazing, sweet taste with great aroma
  • Produces delicious orange-red fruit from mid-June
  • Incredibly easy to grow and reliable
  • Great for freezing & storing
Honeoye' Strawberry Plants
1 option from from£8.00

The beginners' choice

  • Classic strawberry variety
  • Bears flavoursome, vibrant red fruits
  • Delicious sweet, fresh taste
  • Great choice for beginners
Elsanta' Strawberry Plants
1 option from from£8.00

Home growers' choice

  • Dark green plants with large orange-red fruit
  • Outstanding flavour throughout summer
  • Ideal for jam making and desserts
  • Perfect for patio pots
Florence' Strawberry Plants
1 option from from£8.00

The allotment growers' choice

  • Excellent quality and taste
  • One of the most popular late strawberry varieties
  • Perfect for making jams, or freezing
  • Perfect choice for allotments & patios
Flamenco' Strawberry Plants
Sold out
Flamenco' Strawberry Plants
0 options from £8.00

Mouthwateringly flavoursome, bright red strawberries

  • Mouthwateringly flavoursome
  • Produces fruit for over 3 months
  • Delicious when freshly picked
  • Freezes and stores well
Framberry' Strawberry Plants
Sold out
Framberry' Strawberry Plants
0 options from £8.00

Looks like a Strawberry, taste almost like a Raspberry

  • Fascinating hybrid berry
  • Mouth-watering sweet raspberry flavour
  • Easy to grow & compact
  • Enjoy fresh from the plant or in cakes
Pineberry' Strawberry Plants
Sold out
Pineberry' Strawberry Plants
0 options from £8.00

The Pineapple Strawberry

  • Attractive white fruits and red seeds
  • Sweet pineapple-like flavour
  • Delicious dessert strawberry
  • Winter hardy and easy to grow
Sonata' Strawberry Plants
Sold out
Sonata' Strawberry Plants
0 options from £8.00

An excellent jam making strawberry

  • Produces sweet, large fruits
  • Can stand hot spells and heavy rain
  • Lower chance of misshapen fruit
  • Perfect for making jams

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