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Strawberry Plants

Strawberries are everyone’s favourite summer fruit - easy to grow, perfect for pots, beds or even hanging baskets and packed full of sweetness. These tough little plants last for years and fruit heavily. Forget the watery, oversized imported ones from the shops, these traditional varieties grown by our experts in the UK are the genuine article. Strawberries like they used to be!

Which strawberry is best for you?

If you have plenty of space, you can plant early, mid and late season strawberries which fruit in succession. The perfect combination? Honeoye, Cambridge Favourite / Elsanta and Florence. For smaller spaces we recommend the everbearing varieties that fruit for longer, such as Mara des Bois and Flamenco. For something a bit different, try raspberry flavour Framberry or the white Pineberry with its unique pineapple flavour.

Growers' tips

Strawberries can be grown in pots, beds, borders, window boxes and even hanging baskets. They fruit best when positioned in full sun. If planting in beds, net the strawberries to keep birds away. Your plants will benefit from feeding with a tomato fertiliser and need to be watered regularly. Wait until the berries are fully red before picking, as they don’t ripen any more once they’re picked (this is the problem with the ones in the shops!). For more tips on choosing, planting and growing strawberry plants, read our full care guide.

Using your strawberries

Strawberries go with everything - in a fruit salad, a summer pudding, strawberry shortcake or meringue desserts; dipped in chocolate or simply served with cream. If (when) you get too many to eat, make them into a delicious jam or coulis, or add them to your juices and smoothies.

Cambridge Favourite Strawberry Plants
Cambridge Favourite Strawberry Plants

Best known and most loved Strawberry ever

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  • Famous for its amazing, sweet taste with great aroma
  • Produces delicious orange-red fruit from mid-June
  • Incredibly easy to grow and reliable
  • Great for freezing & storing