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Birch Trees

With its tall, slender form and bright white, peeling bark, Birch is a classically elegant native tree with varieties suitable for any size of garden. Easy to care for and attractive to a huge number of wildlife species, this tree will bring a sense of wonder and mystery to any outdoor space. For the best results, choose bare root birch trees and plant between November and March - over the winter your tree will develop a strong root system, ready to burst into life in the spring. Read on for tips and advice about choosing, growing and caring for your Birch trees.

Choose your Birch Trees

For classically striking looks and height in larger spaces, we love the Silver Birch. With fluffy catkins and bright green leaves in Spring, berries in Summer and golden Autumn foliage, you’ll enjoy year-round interest. Another great option for larger gardens is the Paper Birch, with beautiful paper thin white, peeling bark. The Himalayan Birch or “Snow Queen” is a white, slender tree suited to smaller gardens, as is the Weeping Silver Birch, with its compact dome and long, slender branches.

Where to grow your Birch Trees

Birch trees are fully hardy and low maintenance, thriving in any moist, well drained soil. They will be fine in a position of full sun or partial shade and will not deprive lower-growing plants of sun due to their airy foliage which allows plenty of dappled light to filter through.

Birch Tree Care Tips

Birch trees are generally resistant to all pests and diseases and require only annual pruning. This should be done when the tree is fully dormant, between late Summer and early Winter. Young trees should be watered regularly until their roots are established. For more advice and tips on caring for your Birch trees, see our Full Care Guide.


Silver Birch Tree | Betula Pendula
2 options from from £25.00

Statuesque, with classic silver-white bark

  • A striking, medium-sized deciduous tree
  • Elegant silver bark and gracefully weeping branches
  • A favourite of local wildlife
  • Fully hardy and low-maintenance
Himalayan Birch Tree | Betula Utilis Jacquemontii
1 option from from £35.00

The Himalayan 'Snow Queen'

  • Entitled The 'Snow Queen'
  • Green foliage is complemented by yellow catkins
  • Brings winter wonder to your garden
  • Native to the Himalayas
Weeping Silver Birch Tree | Betula Pendula Youngii
1 option from £45.00

A smaller and more weeping alternative

  • A smaller and more weeping alternative
  • Compact dome and long, graceful branches
  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • Fully hardy and low-maintenance
Crimson Frost' Silver Birch Tree
1 option from £45.00

Colour all year round

  • Distinctive creamy white peeling bark
  • Burgundy leaves turning fiery red-orange in autumn
  • Bark changes colour as it matures
  • Grows to approx 12m
Paper Birch Tree | Betula Papyrifera
Sold out
Paper Birch Tree | Betula Papyrifera
0 options from £45.00

An elegant variety of Birch tree with paper-thin peeling bark

  • An elegant variety of Birch tree
  • Paper-thin peeling bark
  • Attracts local wildlife
  • Dark green leaves which turn bright yellow in Autumn

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