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Peach Trees

Nothing compares to the flavour and scent of a warm peach picked fresh from the garden! Most peaches and nectarines thrive in pots so you can grow your own whatever the size of your garden. Bare root is the best way to buy peach trees between November and March, enabling you to plant them during the winter. With a significant cost saving versus potted trees, bare root peach trees are strong, vigorous and excellent value. Read on for all you need to know about choosing, growing and caring for peach trees and nectarines.

Choose your Peach trees

All of our peach trees are self fertile and hardy in the UK. The most popular, Peregrine and Avalon Pride, are reliable croppers, full of flavour and come in a variety of sizes to suit any garden. For growing in patio pots, nectarines Lord Napier or Madame Blanchett - also self fertile - are ideal. Heavy-cropping peach tree Red Haven is a great choice for medium or large gardens.

Where to grow Peach trees

Peaches and nectarines need lots of sun, so if you’re planting in the ground, make sure you position them in a warm, sheltered spot - ideally trained against a south or west facing wall. For growing in pots, choose a sunny, sheltered position on a patio and bring the pots indoors during the colder months. Peaches and nectarines can even be grown in a greenhouse or conservatory.

Peach tree care tips

Peach and nectarine trees tolerate most soils, but you can aid drainage by adding some pea gravel to the hole when you plant them. In pots, make sure the compost never dries out. Peaches are ready to be harvested when they come away from the branch with a gentle twist.


Avalon Pride Peach Tree
1 option from from £30.00

The UK's favourite Peach Tree

  • The only variety fully resistant to Peach Leaf Curl
  • One of the most reliable, heavy croppers
  • Multiple rootstock/sizes available incl. Dwarf option
  • Self Fertile
Lord Napier Patio Nectarine Tree
1 option from from £28.00

Reliable, prolific and well suited to UK climate

  • The best performing Nectarine
  • Reliable, heavy crops of large, juicy fruit
  • Self Fertile
  • Max size H4m x W4m - SJA Rootstock
Peregrine Peach Tree
1 option from from £26.00

A hardy, reliable and heavy Peach cropper

  • Fine, sweet flavour
  • Good resistance to Peach leaf curl
  • Mutiple size options available inc. Patio Tree
  • Self Fertile
Red Haven Peach Tree
1 option from £32.00

Very fine flavour with good resistance to leaf curl

  • Fine, sweet flavour
  • Good resistance to Peach leaf curl
  • Self Fertile
  • Max size H3m x W3m - Montclare Rootstock
Madame Blanchet Patio Nectarine Tree
Sold out
Madame Blanchet Patio Nectarine Tree
0 options from £32.00

The perfect dwarf Peach Tree

  • Ideal for growing in pots
  • Reliable even in colder areas
  • Trained to a Dwarf size–Maximum height only 1.5 meters!
  • Self Fertile–grows delicious fruit all on its own!

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