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All Soft Fruit Plants

It couldn’t be easier to grow your own soft fruit - in our range of specially selected bushes, canes and vines, you’ll find all your favourite Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Currants as well as exotic Passionfruit, Pomegranate, Fig trees and more. Discover Grape vines for eating or winemaking and soft fruit plants that thrive in pots, making them perfect even for small gardens and balconies. With so many to choose from, you may need a bigger fruit bowl!


Osborne's Prolific Fig Tree
Sold out
Osborne's Prolific Fig Tree

One of the most heavily fruiting figs

0 options from £10.00
  • One of the most heavily fruiting fig trees
  • Perfect for UK climate
  • Easy to grow
  • Amazing sweet rich flavour
Autumn Bliss Raspberry Plants

Award winning variety allowing you to enjoy the taste of summer right up to Halloween

1 option from from £10.00
  • Excellent aromatic, extra sweet flavour
  • Very reliable, bumper harvests
  • RHS Award Winner
  • Pick from August to October
Brown Turkey Fig Tree

Gorgeous lobed leaf tree bearing sweet, juicy figs

2 options from from £15.00
  • Fully hardy and well-suited for UK climate
  • Highly ornamental with attractive lobed foliage
  • An easy to grow plant
  • Produces large crops of sweet juicy figs
Glen Ample Raspberry Plants

Fantastically popular, this is the most widely grown summer fruiting variety

2 options from from £10.00
  • Heavy cropping and very reliable
  • Very rich flavour, perfect for jams
  • RHS Award Winner
  • Fruits from June to September
Bluecrop Blueberry Bush

Considered to be one of the most reliable croppers

1 option from from £8.00
  • One of the most reliable croppers
  • High yields of large fruits
  • Easy to grow and disease resistant
  • Provides ornamental value
Madeleine Des Deux Saisons' Fig Tree

Fit for a king

1 option from £15.00
  • Produces two crops per season
  • Dates back to the reign of Louis IV
  • Prized for its abundant fruiting
  • Perfect for UK climate
Polka Raspberry Plants

The best autumn fruiting variety you can grow

2 options from from £10.00
  • In fact, probably the best Raspberry variety full stop
  • Reliable, bumper crops, up to 2.5kg
  • Will produce a good crop the year you plant it
  • Fruits right through from Aug-Oct
Hinnonmaki Red Gooseberry Bush

A hardy & vigorous variety

1 option from from £13.00
  • Very hardy and vigorous
  • Bred in Finland for hardiness
  • Excellent Dessert variety
  • Ideal for bottling and preserves
Phoenix' Outdoor Grape Vine

The organic gardeners' choice

2 options from from £17.00
  • Famed for its natural disease resistance
  • Excellent choice for organic gardeners
  • Dual purpose dessert grape
  • Can be grown successfully outdoors
3ft 'Pinot Noir' Grape Vine | 3L Pot | Outdoor

Hardy variety for eating or winemaking

1 option from £17.00
  • Attractive, fast growing vines
  • Delicious clusters of red grapes
  • Harvest in August and September
  • Can be grown indoors or out
Joan J Raspberry Plants

Enjoy a bumper harvest of huge, autumn Raspberries

1 option from from £12.00
  • Great flavour & virtually spineless
  • Incredibly reliable cropper
  • Perfect for pots
  • Pick all the way from July to October
90cm 'Strawberry' Grape Vine | 3L Pot

Grapes with a hint of strawberry

1 option from £17.00
  • Delicious red grapes with a strawberry flavour
  • Very productive and easy to grow
  • Thrives indoors or out
  • Perfect for eating, juicing or winemaking
Big Ben Blackcurrant Bush

Produces fruit almost 3x the size of other varieties

2 options from from £10.00
  • Produces extremely large fruit
  • Developed especially for the fresh market
  • Easy to pick fruit
  • High disease resistance
Rouge De Bordeaux Fig Tree

Centuries old gourmet French Fig

1 option from from £15.00
  • Produces attractive purple figs with red flesh
  • Self-fertile
  • Thrives in a greenhouse
  • Perfect for eating french or to make jam
Duke Blueberry Bush

One of the most widely planted early ripening variety of blueberry bush

1 option from £13.00
  • Early crop of light blue berries
  • Firm flesh and mildly sweet flavour
  • Retains freshness for longer
  • Freezes and stores well
Glen Prosen Raspberry Plants

The longest fruiting Raspberry you can buy

2 options from from £10.00
  • Vigorous plant with a heavy crop
  • Robust, perfect for wet or dry areas
  • One of the best flavours for jam
  • Harvest from June right through to October
Issai Hardy Kiwi Plant

Mini kiwi known for its bumper crops

2 options from from £15.00
  • Hardy plant known for bumper crops
  • Small, cup-shaped white flowers
  • Delicious edible yellow-green fruit
  • Attracts bees and other pollinating insects
90cm 'Chardonnay' Grape Vine | 3L Pot

The best known white grape

1 option from £17.00
  • Deliciously sweet golden grapes
  • Suitable for indoors or out
  • Harvest in August and September
  • Perfect on a patio pergola
Provence Pomegranate Bush

Famously hardy

1 option from £25.00
  • A superb old French variety
  • Ideal for UK climate
  • Sweet juice & fragrant flesh
  • Glossy foliage and vibrant orange flowers
Pomegranate Bush

Famously hardy

1 option from £15.00
  • A superb old French variety
  • Ideal for UK climate
  • Sweet juice & fragrant flesh
  • Glossy foliage and vibrant orange flowers
90cm 'Muscat Blue' Grape Vine | 3L Pot

Produces fruit of commercial standard

1 option from £17.00
  • Modern, mildew resistant grape
  • Produces large, tasty fruit
  • One of the most reliable outdoor fruiting varieties
  • Produces fruit of commercial standard
Goji Berry Plant

Fantastic royal purple flowers & healthy berries

2 options from from £8.00
  • Fantastic royal purple flowers
  • Sprawling shrub with long, flexible canes
  • Juicy bright fruits
  • Easy to grow & hardy
Ly654 Thornless Loganberry Plants

One of the finest, most aromatic, sweetest berries you'll ever eat

1 option from from £15.00
  • A famous Raspberry x Blackberry hybrid from California
  • Packed full of intense, complex flavours
  • Make a jam you'll only want to break out on special occasions
  • Stem does require support
Red Pearl Lingonberry Plants

A wonderfully well kept secret from Northern Europe

1 option from £10.00
  • Wonderful sweet tasting little berries, similar to Cranberries
  • Full of vitamins and powerful antioxidants
  • Perfect for making intriguing sauces
  • A reliable cropper, used to even colder summers than we have

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