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Pond Plant Collections

Whether you’re just starting to create a new pond garden or looking to add some life to an established pond, our pond plant collections are a great way to instantly upgrade your garden. Specially selected by our growers, these pond plant collections come with plant care instructions so you can ensure your new plants go from strength to strength. Our Miniature Deep Water Pond Collection is the ideal solution for small, deep-water ponds or container ponds, while the Oxygenating Pond Plants Collection will reinvigorate a dead and lifeless pond in no time.

Pond Plants for Wildlife Collection

Plants to attract wildlife to a smaller pond

3 options from from £30.00
  • Expertly curated for the perfect mix of varieties
  • Hardy, easy-care perennials
  • Includes flowers and foliage in a range of heights and colours
  • Create a natural habitat for bees, dragonflies, fish and birds