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Rose Bushes

It's difficult to imagine a summer without roses! These cottage garden essentials radiate colour, fragrance and style all season long. Growing rose bushes is also a great way of filling your home with flowers while reducing your carbon footprint. We've curated this shrub rose collection with the newest, healthiest and most disease-resistant varieties including scented, vintage style and miniature roses. Plant them in borders, pots or even as hedges. 


Climbing Rose 'Farruca Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Roses like they used to be!

1 option from £23.00
  • Large, full double blooms in a soft dark red
  • Mildly fragranced
  • Continuous flowering, a true vintage rose
  • Neat and compact, perfect for patios!
Climbing Rose 'Liwa Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Free-flowering fiery red roses

1 option from £23.00
  • Semi-double orange-red blooms up to to 10cm wide
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Covered in flowers all summer long
  • Perfect for pergolas and pots
Climbing Rose 'Swan Lake' | 4.5L Pot

A bright and graceful modern climber

1 option from £23.00
  • The lightest powder pink double roses
  • Slightly fragranced
  • Very free flowering and perfect for cutting
  • An enchanting climber for pillars, walls and fences
Climbing Rose 'Mamma Mia Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Prolific blooms in powder pink

1 option from £23.00
  • Unique powder pink blooms with a hint of lilac
  • Wild rose scent
  • Flowers all the way up from the base of the plant
  • Twine around pergolas and fences
Shrub Rose 'Capricia Renaissance®' | 4.5L Pot

Deep red blooms up to 15cm!

1 option from £23.00
  • Deepest red double blooms
  • Highly scented
  • Flowers last for up to 10 days!
  • Ideal for beds, borders or mixed hedges
Climbing Rose 'Parade' | 4.5L Pot

Old Rose fragrance with deep pink blooms

1 option from £23.00
  • Large clusters of deep carmine pink blooms
  • Strong Old Rose fragrance
  • Repeat flowering with vigorous glossy foliage
  • Perfect for doorways, walls and large arches
Climbing Rose 'New Dawn' | 4.5L Pot

Sweetly fragrant and so versatile

1 option from £23.00
  • Clusters of silver-tinged, soft pink blooms
  • Sweetly fragrant with fruity notes
  • A repeat flowering climber up to 4.5m
  • Twine around arches and doorways
Climbing Rose 'Golden Showers' | 4.5L Pot

Grow sunny golden roses around the door

1 option from £23.00
  • Repeat-flowering golden yellow double blooms
  • Light, sweet fragrance
  • A hardy and vigorous climber up to 4.5m high
  • Perfect for scrambling over doorways and arches
Shrub Rose 'Marlis Renaissance®' | 4.5L Pot

The looks and perfume of a traditional tea rose

1 option from £23.00
  • A large, traditional tea rose in a warm blush pink
  • Evocative Old Rose fragrance
  • Continuous blooming from June to November
  • Thrives in borders and large containers
Shrub Rose 'Clair Renaissance®' | 4.5L Pot

Ruffled apricot romantic rose

1 option from £23.00
  • Highly scented ruffled apricot flowers
  • Classic Old Rose fragrance
  • Blooms all summer long
  • Thrives in a sunny border
Climbing Rose 'Pasillo Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Deep pink double blooms

1 option from £23.00
  • Strong, deep pink double blooms
  • Subtle, sweet scent
  • Flowers all the way up from the base of the plant
  • Very compact patio climber, ideal for pots
Climbing Rose 'Antike' | 4.5L Pot

A showstopping climber for a sunny spot

1 option from £23.00
  • Deep, cup-shaped full blooms in a vintage dusky pink
  • Lightly fragranced
  • Vigorous full blooms that are loved by the bees!
  • Perfect for a sunny wall or doorway
Shrub Rose 'Don Juan' | 4.5L Pot

Seductive red climbing rose

1 option from £23.00
  • Dark, full and velvety red petals
  • Strong, sweet fragrance
  • Vigorous and perfect for cutting
  • Spectacular when trained on arbours, doorways and pergolas
Shrub Rose 'Odelia Renaissance®' | 4.5L Pot

Sunset tones with a heady scent

1 option from £23.00
  • Clusters of bright, full orange-red roses
  • Heady, classic rose fragrance
  • A hardy, versatile and well-shaped shrub
  • Fills borders and large pots with vibrant colour
Shrub Rose 'Isidora Frayla®' | 4.5L Pot

Golden and gorgeously scented

1 option from £23.00
  • Golden yellow, full flowered classic rose
  • Fresh sandalwood and amber scent
  • Long stems, perfect for cutting
  • Team with ornamental grasses or dwarf perennials
Shrub Rose 'Lenka Frayla®' | 4.5L Pot

Perfect for bright bouquets

1 option from £23.00
  • Clusters of creamy yellow flowers that open to snow white
  • Sweetly fragrant
  • Strong clusters on long stems, perfect for cutting
  • Medium sized, perfect for large tubs and mid to back borders
Shrub Rose 'Blush Winterjewel' | 4.5L Pot

Looks delicate, is actually tough as nails

1 option from £23.00
  • Warm blush pink, rosette-shaped roses
  • Enchanting fragrance
  • Winterjewel roses are extremely hardy
  • Medium sized shrub rose ideal for borders and beds
Climbing Rose 'RedovaCourtyard®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Climbing Rose 'RedovaCourtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

A vibrant blend of pinks, reds and yellows

0 options from £23.00
  • Double blooms in a warm blend of pink, red and yellow tones
  • Light, sweet fragrance
  • Very free flowering from June to October
  • Ideal for fences, walls and pergolas
Climbing Rose 'Violette Perfume' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Climbing Rose 'Violette Perfume' | 4.5L Pot

Famously fragrant

0 options from £23.00
  • Loosely clustered blooms in a delicate lilac, deepening to fuchsia and violet in full sun
  • Famous for its gorgeous scent
  • Extremely hardy, with flowers up to early autumn
  • The ideal cottage garden rose - plant near seating areas.
Climbing Rose 'Mapale Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Climbing Rose 'Mapale Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Clusters of warm golden yellow

0 options from £23.00
  • Clusters of ruffled, golden yellow roses
  • Subtle wild rose fragrance
  • Dozens of flowers throughout the season
  • Ideal for small spaces
Climbing Rose 'Eisa Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Climbing Rose 'Eisa Courtyard®' | 4.5L Pot

Our favourite white climbing rose

0 options from £23.00
  • Glorious white and cream double blooms
  • Subtly scented
  • A versatile, repeat flowering climber
  • Compact and perfect for patio pots
Shrub Rose 'Olivera Frayla®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Shrub Rose 'Olivera Frayla®' | 4.5L Pot

Soft yellow and honey scented

0 options from £23.00
  • Soft yellow blooms which turn to creamy white as the flowers open
  • Tea rose fragrance with hints of honey and fruit
  • A small neat shrub with rich flower clusters all season long
  • Plant in a formal rose bed or team with evergreens
Shrub Rose 'Mileva Frayla®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Shrub Rose 'Mileva Frayla®' | 4.5L Pot

Bright, beautifully perfumed and pink

0 options from £23.00
  • Fully double, candy pink flowers
  • Sweet, strong fragrance
  • Compact, repeat flowering and edible - use as a garnish
  • Plant next to porches or in pots on a balcony
Shrub Rose 'Natalija Frayla®' | 4.5L Pot
Sold out
Shrub Rose 'Natalija Frayla®' | 4.5L Pot

Sweet and spicy amber blooms

0 options from £23.00
  • Amber blooms forming a perfect rosette
  • Sweet, spicy, warm fragrance
  • A free flowering, neat and slightly arching shrub
  • Ideal for a border or a formal rose bed

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