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Trees for Small Gardens

Explore our wide range of trees perfect for small gardens and even patio pots. Dwarf fruit trees such as Cherry, Apple and Plum have been specially bred for smaller spaces while still producing an impressive crop - or for narrow spaces, choose a slim column tree. Discover small ornamental trees including dwarf Willow and Cherry Blossom, naturally compact Acer, flowering Crabapple, evergreen Eucalyptus and Hawthorn for Autumn colour. All of the trees in this collection have been selected for their height (under 5ft /1.5m) and can be pruned further to fit your space. 


Victoria Plum Tree
3 options from from £35.00

The UK's favourite - reliable, versatile and delicious!

  • Dual purpose plum with sweet, juicy purple fruit
  • Mutiple sizes and rootstock options available including 1 x 1.5m patio tree
  • Heavy crops of fruit in mid-late August
  • Self fertile (Pollination Group 3)
Pink Perfection Cherry Blossom Tree
1 option from from £45.00

Rich in pink blossom cherry tree

  • One of the most floriferous of cherry blossoms
  • Blooming pale pink flowers in the spring
  • Foliage of bronze,green and orange shades
  • Small tree growing up to 4x4m
Conference Pear Tree
3 options from from £32.00

Who doesn't love a Conference Pear?

  • Superb, aromatic flavour and soft, juicy flesh
  • The nation's favourite Pear tree
  • Mutiple size options available inc. Patio Tree
  • RHS Award Winner
Stella Cherry Tree
3 options from from £26.00

A familiar old favorite, prized for its flavour

  • One of the UK's most popular varieties
  • Late Harvest - July/August
  • Mutiple size options available inc. 1.5m x 1m Dwarf tree
  • Reliable & Self fertile (Pollination Group 4)
Purple Leaf Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus serrulata 'Royal Burgundy'
1 option from from £45.00

Striking deep purple foliage with candy pink blossom

  • Flowering in March-April with double pink blossoms
  • Abundance of colour changing fine foliage changing
  • Coppery bark painting the winter landscape
  • Suitable for small gardens
Cheal's Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus 'Kiku-Shidare'
1 option from from £45.00

Blossom rich cherry tree

  • Add a touch of Zen to your garden
  • Double rose pink flowers in May
  • Elegant weeping shape
  • Perfect for small places like front garden or patio
Kilmarnock Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree | Salix Caprea
2 options from from £25.00

A gracefully weeping, compact willow

  • Dwarf willow tree perfect for small spaces
  • Abundance of fuzzy grey catkins
  • Weeping habit is stunning when covered in snow or frost
  • Ideal for attracting pollinators
Red Hawthorn Tree | Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet'
1 option from £45.00

Award winning native tree for year-round colour

  • Award Winning Double Crimson Flowering Hawthorn
  • Ideal for smaller gardens
  • Offers varied seasonal interest
  • Provides a safe nesting place for birds
Flavourcot Apricot Tree
2 options from from £32.00

Famed for its superb, aromatic taste

  • Extraordinary flavour, best of any Apricot
  • Good crops of large fruit in warmer years
  • Mutiple size options available inc. Patio Tree
  • Self Fertile
Indian Bean Tree | Catalpa bignonioides 'Aurea'
1 option from £45.00

Golden foliage with fragrant summer blooms.

  • Perfect for bringing a splash of colour to your garden
  • Large, heart-shaped, velvety foliage
  • Offers varied seasonal interest
  • Can be cut back and adapted for smaller spaces
Tibetan Cherry Tree | Prunus Serrula
2 options from from £45.00

Instant atmosphere with spectacular peeling bark

  • Eye catching smooth, bronze peeling bark tree
  • Display of small white flowers in the spring
  • Dark green foliage turning rich yellow in autumn
  • Small tree growing to 4x4m
Pink Winter Flowering Cherry Tree | Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis Rosea'
1 option from from £45.00

All year-round flowering cherry tree

  • Rosy pink flowers November-March
  • Foliage from green to yellow,orange & red in autumn
  • Blossom from November - March
  • Grows between 3-4m x 3-4m
Tomcot Apricot Tree
2 options from from £32.00

New, heavy cropping Apricot variety

  • Some structural pruning required
  • Performs best in warm areas of the UK
  • Mutiple size options available inc. Patio Tree
  • Self Fertile
Evereste Crabapple Tree
1 option from from £30.00

Superb display of large white flowers and red fruit

  • Dazzling amount of white flowers turning pink
  • Very attractive red berries ideal for birds or jelly
  • Popular for its fire blight resistance
  • Proudly holding the RHS Award of Golden Merit
Avalon Pride Peach Tree
Sold out
Avalon Pride Peach Tree
0 options from £30.00

The UK's favourite Peach Tree

  • The only variety fully resistant to Peach Leaf Curl
  • One of the most reliable, heavy croppers
  • Multiple rootstock/sizes available incl. Dwarf option
  • Self Fertile
The Bride Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus incisa
1 option from from £45.00

Really small tree with snow white flowers

  • Profusion of small white flowers in early spring
  • Colour statement for your garden
  • Green foliage turning to fiery red in autumn
  • Small tree growing to 4x4m
Flamingo Willow | Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki
1 option from £35.00

A rainbow of eyecatching colour for every season

  • This Flamingo Willow Tree is a real eye candy
  • Early spring brings graceful yellow catkins
  • Spring brings pink and green foliage
  • Summer adds white, green, cream and variegated leaves
Purple Corkscrew Hazel | Corylus avellana 'Red Majestic'
1 option from £45.00

The majestic purple Hazel

  • Exhibits purple foliage, catkins and fruit
  • Ideal for smaller gardens
  • Offers varied seasonal interest
  • Attracts wildlife during winter
'Flagpole' Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus Amanogowa
1 option from from £45.00

A spectacular blossom display ideal for small spaces

  • Elegant columnar cherry blossom tree
  • Large, semi-double blush pink flowers with a light fragrance
  • Fresh green foliage turning to red and orange in Autumn
  • Grows to a compact 4 x 1m
Corkscrew Hazel | Corylus avellana 'Contorta'
1 option from £45.00

Unmatched ornamental value

  • Unmatched ornamental value
  • Ideal for smaller gardens
  • Offers varied seasonal interest
  • Contorted branches twist and corkscrew in spirals
Sun Rival' Crabapple Tree
1 option from £45.00

Beautifully weeping small tree

  • Beautiful display throughout the seasons
  • White spring blossom emerging from carmine pink buds
  • Come autumn red crab apples will appear until winter
  • Grows to 5mx4,5m perfectly suitable for small gardens
Ornamental Weeping Silver Pear Tree | Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'
1 option from £45.00

Lovely weeping ornamental pear tree

  • A lovely weeping ornamental pear tree
  • Single white flowers appear in April-May
  • Attracts bees and other pollination insects
  • Ideal for smaller gardens
Single Pink Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus Pendula Rubra
Sold out
Single Pink Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree | Prunus Pendula Rubra
0 options from £30.00

Candy floss flower statement for your garden

  • Single rose flowers blooming in March and April
  • Beautiful weeping habit
  • Green foliage turning red and yellow in fall
  • Small in size growing to 3x3m
Hartland Patio Cherry Tree
Sold out
Hartland Patio Cherry Tree
0 options from £32.00

The best cherry tree for growing in a pot

  • Expect large crops from this little tree
  • Early Harvest - Early July
  • Trained to a Dwarf size, only 1.5 x 1m - perfect for patios
  • Self fertile (Pollination Group 4)

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