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Willow Trees

Willows (Salix) are some of our most beautiful trees, whether Weeping, Corkscrew or Flamingo shaped. They’re easy to care for and provide year-round interest with bright foliage, fluffy catkins in Spring and graceful architectural branches throughout the seasons. Between November and March, choose bare root willow trees for the best results - planting in winter means they'll develop healthy root systems and be ready to explode into life in the spring. Read on for all you need to know about choosing and caring for your perfect Willow tree.

Choose your Willow Trees

For smaller gardens, the Dwarf Kilmarnock Weeping Willow is perfect, growing to only 2m tall with arching stems full of fluffy grey catkins. The award winning Flamingo Willow is also a great compact choice, bursting with colour changing catkins and multi-toned leaves. The Golden Weeping Willow grows up to 12m tall, with slender golden stems bearing yellow catkins. Corkscrew Willows are also perfect for large spaces, boasting upswept twisting branches covered in bright foliage and yellow catkins.

Where to grow your Willow Trees

Willow trees are hardy and easy to maintain, thriving in all moist, well-drained soils. They can be planted at any time of year. The best position for a Willow tree is in full sun with shelter from strong winds, but they also do well in damp soil so are an excellent choice for wet ground. Dwarf varieties can even be grown in large pots.

Willow Tree Care Tips

Willows create a balanced framework naturally, so don’t require pruning. Water them once a month when first planted and thereafter keep the soil moist - especially for trees planted in pots. For more care tips and advice for growing healthy Willow trees, see our Full Care Guide.


Kilmarnock Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree | Salix Caprea
1 option from from £50.00

A gracefully weeping, compact willow

  • Dwarf willow tree perfect for small spaces
  • Abundance of fuzzy grey catkins
  • Weeping habit is stunning when covered in snow or frost
  • Ideal for attracting pollinators
Flamingo Willow | Salix Integra Hakuro Nishiki | 3ft Patio Tree
1 option from £35.00

A rainbow of eyecatching colour for every season

  • This Flamingo Willow Tree is a real eye candy
  • Early spring brings graceful yellow catkins
  • Spring brings pink and green foliage
  • Summer adds white, green, cream and variegated leaves
Corkscrew Willow | Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa'
1 option from £25.00

Uniquely-shaped twisting and contorting branches

  • Uniquely-shaped twisting and contorting branches
  • Fresh, bright green foliage
  • An ideal choice to add winter interest
  • Offers varied seasonal interest
Golden Weeping Willow Tree | Salix Chrysocoma
Sold out
Golden Weeping Willow Tree | Salix Chrysocoma
0 options from £20.00

A true arboricultural icon often found raining down cascades of gold elegance upon the riverbanks of our nation

  • An abundance of gracefully weeping yellow branches
  • Yellow catkins appearing in the spring
  • Green foliage from spring all through to autumnMORE
  • Grows to 12m height

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