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Citrus Trees

Yes, you can grow citrus trees in the UK! Squeeze the pips out of your gardening space by growing a lemon tree in a patio pot, limes and kumquats in your conservatory or an orange tree in the front garden. They’ve got some of the most beautifully scented blossom you can get. Our premium citrus trees have been chosen for flavour and performance by our expert fruit tree growers. They’re specially bred for the UK climate and grafted to ensure earlier flower and fruit production.

Which citrus tree?

Our growers have chosen the most compact and high performing citrus varieties for us, so that anyone can grow them. Try Eureka - a heavy cropping lemon tree that flowers for most of the year - or Lime of Tahiti, a seedless variety that produces abundant bright green limes and makes a perfect patio feature. For juicing or homemade marmalade, it has to be Orange Bigaradier, a compact tree which fruits after only eighteen months. All of our citrus trees are self fertile mini stem varieties, making them suitable even for small spaces.

Growers' tips

Grow your citrus trees in a bright and sunny position such as a patio or south facing border. Alternatively, they'll thrive in a conservatory, greenhouse or in a warm room (but not too warm!). Because they are not fully winter-hardy in the UK it is best to grow them in large pots if planting outdoors, then bring them indoors during the colder months. Re-pot them every year in March, or top up with fresh compost. They only need minimal pruning, but will grow better with a high nitrogen citrus feed.

Using your fruits

There’s more to citrus trees than freshly squeezed orange juice or a twist in your G&T, but both of those things are admittedly pretty fantastic when you can get them on your own doorstep! Use your fresh fruit in curds and jellies and to liven up salads, or get adventurous with sweet and savoury citrus recipes to impress your guests.

Seville Orange Tree 'Bigaradier' | Grafted Mini-Stem

Produces fruit within 18 months

1 option from £60.00
  • Hardy orange variety
  • Compact, round shape
  • Large fruits of delicious flavour
  • Glossy, dark green foliage