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Wisteria Plants

When wisteria blooms, summer is on its way! Wisteria is the ultimate feature plant - a vigorous climber with woody vines covered in bunches of warmly fragranced flowers which can transform a wall, pergola or front porch while also attracting bees and butterflies to your garden.

Which wisteria?

All of our wisteria plants are grafted varieties for better flowering - never buy one grown from seed, as they can take up to 20 years to bloom! The most highly fragranced wisteria are white Shiro Kapitan Fuji and violet Sinensis Prolific. Floribunda (lilac blue) and Floribunda Rosea (pink, purple and white) have the longest sprays of flowers, reaching up to 30cm in length! For a more delicate fragrance, choose Okayama (violet blue) or Sinensis Alba (white). Find out more about choosing your perfect wisteria.

Planting schemes and partners

Plant your wisteria near seating areas, windows, doors or patios to fully appreciate the sweet, grape-like fragrance of the flowers. For longer lasting colour and fragrance, plant summer flowering climbers alongside it - roses, clematis and honeysuckle come into flower just as wisterias finish, giving you a continuous floral display. For such a flamboyant plant, wisteria fits remarkably well into every planting scheme from stately home influenced formal gardens to the homespun charm of a cottage garden.

Growing tips

Wisteria plants can reach a height of over 10m, so choose somewhere with plenty of space to grow - a south or west facing wall or solid structure is ideal. Wisteria needs a position in full sun or partial shade. You will need to tie the wisteria vines into your wall or structure with wires or plant ties as the vines grow. Wisteria can be grown in pots but they will not be as successful as those planted in soil. Wisteria are fully hardy perennials and will flower year after year. To encourage more flower production, feed every spring with a high potash fertiliser and prune twice a year in August and February. Wisteria thrives in any fertile well-drained soil. For more detailed advice on how to grow Wisteria, check out our growers’ guide.