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Weeping Trees

Weeping trees are beautiful, easy to maintain and often very compact. From large statement Willows for landscaping or shade to dwarf Cherry Blossoms for kerb appeal in a small front garden, these ornamental, fruiting and flowering trees will turn heads all year round. Read about our favourite types and how to care for them here. 

Choose your Weeping Trees

Weeping trees are prized for their compact habit, and if your garden is smaller a Kilmarnock Dwarf Willow or Yoshino Cherry is perfect. If you have lots of space, it has to be a classic and elegant Golden Willow. For autumn colour we’d recommend the Weeping Silver Birch, and for year round interest, the wildlife-friendlySun Rival Crabapple or RHS Award winning Silver Pear. For a weeping Cherry Blossom, choose from Kiku Shidare, Single Pink or the larger Yoshino.

Where to grow your Weeping Trees

These weeping ornamental trees are typically very tolerant of any soil type, with Willows thriving in damp conditions. Weeping Pears will be fine in an exposed site, whereas Silver Birch prefers full sun and shelter. Weeping Cherry Blossoms do best with good air circulation around the canopy, and all weeping trees are best with minimal or no underplanting, owing to their cascading habit. For a position with lower light, the best choice would be a shade-tolerant Crabapple.

Weeping Trees Care Tips

All ornamental weeping trees will do well in any moist, well-drained soil. New trees should be watered in well and kept from drying out until their roots are well established (in a few months). They will benefit from a mulch in Autumn, and will typically need only minimal pruning to keep their shape. For more advice on growing weeping trees, see our Full Care Guides for each variety.