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Rouge De Bordeaux Fig Tree Soft Fruit
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Rouge De Bordeaux Fig Tree Soft Fruit
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Rouge De Bordeaux Fig Tree Soft Fruit

Rouge De Bordeaux Fig Tree

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Centuries old gourmet French Fig
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The Highlights

    • Produces attractive purple figs with red flesh
    • These sweet, tasty figs can be harvested around late summer
    • Centuries old gourmet French Fig
    • Self-fertile, meaning it doesn't require another tree to produce fruit
    • Thrives in a greenhouse, producing up to two crops per year
    • These figs are perfect for eating fresh or to use to make jam
    • Our potted trees are supplied in EcoPots™. Eco pots use 70% less plastic and are fully recyclable, unlike normal single use pots. They flex and so produce less root spiralling and travel better in the post.MORE
    • Our trees are usually between 18 and 36 months old at the time of dispatch.
    • Our trees are professionally pruned before dispatching. This formative pruning can involve cutting the main leader, if the expert tree growers decide this will produce a better shaped tree. This can stop the tree becoming "leggy", and promote stronger, bushier growth.MORE

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

9cm Pot
3L Pot

Height on arrival:

20-40cm inc. pot
50-80cm inc. pot

Eventual height:

3m (10ft)
3m (10ft)

Eventual spread:

2.5m (9ft)

Tasting notes:

Rich sweet flavour

Time to first crop:

2 years
2 years


Does not require protection from frost except in extreme circumstances, such as extremely cold winters or very exposed positions

Self fertile:

Self Fertile



Care Guide

Generally pest and disease free

Figs are generally trouble-free, but may be affected by cold weather, rotting of the fruits, scale insect and red spider mite especially if grown under glass. Birds may be a problemMORE

Water Regularly in Summer

Fig trees require 11.5 inches (2.5-4cm) of water per week either from rainfall or watering. The tree will let you know if it needs to be watered by the yellowing of its foliage and dropping of leaves, although don't wait until this point to water as this will only stress it out and may produce fewer fruits. Every 10 days to 2 weeks should be sufficientMORE

Sunny sheltered spot

Position in a sunny sheltered spot, against a south or west facing wallMORE

Can grow in any soil

Fig can grow in virtually any soil type but prefer a slightly alkaline sandy-clay soilMORE

Prune in mid-spring

In mid-spring remove 1/4-1/3 of older branchesMORE