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Escallonia Plants

With aesthetically pleasing flowers and stunning variation of colours makes Escallonia a perfect addition to any garden area. These fast-growing evergreen shrubs are an excellent choice for gardeners. Native to North and South America, Escallonia is a popular purchase displaying incredible colours from June to October making them suitable for a variety of soils.

Escallonia 'Iveyi'

Compact, Summer flowering evergreen

1 option from £10.00
  • Five petalled Snowy White flowers
  • Flowers from May to August
  • Ideal as hedging or a specimen plant
  • Easy maintenance, compact and attractive shrub
Escallonia 'Pink Elle'
Sold out
Escallonia 'Pink Elle'

Pink blooms, perfect for pots

0 options from £20.00
  • Evergreen shrub with large heads of vibrant pink flowers
  • Perfect in pots
  • Grows to 1-1.5m high and wide
  • Attracts bees and butterflies