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Bare Root Raspberry Canes

Plant Bare Root Raspberry canes from November to March while they’re dormant, and watch them explode into life in the spring. Planting as Bare Root results in bigger and stronger plants, and more delicious soft fruit. Perfect for your raised beds, borders and even pots, our Bare Rooted raspberry plants include favourite Summer and Autumn fruiting varieties like Tulameen, All Gold, Polka and Glen Ample. Just remember to space them well - they really do spread quickly!

Autumn Bliss Raspberry Plants
Autumn Bliss Raspberry Plants

Award winning variety allowing you to enjoy the taste of summer right up to Halloween

3 options from £13.00
  • Excellent aromatic, extra sweet flavour
  • Very reliable, bumper harvests
  • RHS Award Winner
  • Pick from August to October