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Juneberry Tree | Amelanchier Lamarckii Ornamental Trees
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Juneberry Tree | Amelanchier Lamarckii Ornamental Trees
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Juneberry Tree | Amelanchier Lamarckii Ornamental Trees

Juneberry Tree | Amelanchier Lamarckii

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A profusion of creamy white flowers followed by a striking red autumn colour
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The Highlights

    • A small, tough yet graceful bushy tree, ideal for an exposed or difficult position
    • April brings a profusion of star-shaped, white flowers with bronze tinged young leaves
    • A striking display of red Autumn colour follows the bloom of these white flowers
    • Purple-black berries ripen in the summer which are popular with hungry birds, and also edible
    • The berries from this tree can be used to make jams and jellies
    • Tolerates a wide range of soil and offers year-round interest
    • Our potted trees are supplied in EcoPots™. Eco pots use 70% less plastic and are fully recyclable, unlike normal single use pots. They flex and so produce less root spiralling and travel better in the post.MORE
    • Our trees are usually between 18 and 36 months old at the time of dispatch.
    • Our trees are professionally pruned before dispatching. This formative pruning can involve cutting the main leader, if the expert tree growers decide this will produce a better shaped tree. This can stop the tree becoming "leggy", and promote stronger, bushier growth.MORE

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

9L Eco Pot
This tree is supplied in a 9L Eco Pot, which is approx D15 x H30cm. Eco Pots use 70% less plastic then traditional pots and can be recycled easily. A 9L pot allows ample space for good root development and can support a good size tree.

Height on arrival:

120-150cm inc. pot

Eventual height:

12m (40ft)

Eventual spread:

10m (33ft)

Time to first crop:

Flower colour:

A profusion of star-shaped, white-flowers




Fully Hardy
This tree is fully hardy, meaning it will survive under any condition including the occasional snowy winters in the UK



Care Guide

High Pest/Disease resistance

Generally pest and disease resistantMORE

Water regularly when newly planted

Water young trees regularly until roots are well establishedMORE

Full Sun

Position in Full Sun (6h+) or partial shadeMORE

Moist but well-drained soil

Suits any soil type that is moist but well-drainedMORE

Prune Annually

You can restrict the size of your Amelanchier by pruning during its dormant period, between November and late FebruaryMORE