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Dogwood Trees

Dogwoods (or Cornus) are one of the best flowering trees you can find. Most grow to a height of just 3m, making them the ideal tree for a small garden. They’re also wildlife friendly, with masses of white or pink flowers throughout May and June. Our Dogwood trees start life on a family run nursery in the South Downs which has been growing ornamental trees since 1908. They’re grown on quality rootstocks, professionally pruned and sent to you straight from the field. A tree that offers year round interest, Dogwood develops attractive red fruits in autumn, when its wavy foliage turns to fabulous shades of crimson and purple foliage. Show yours off in the front garden, as part of a mixed border or as part of a flowering hedge.

Red-Stemmed Dogwood Hedging | Cornus alba

A splash of colour in winter

2 options from from £5.40
  • Red stems with dark green deciduous foliage and creamy white flowers in spring
  • Plant as a mixed hedge or standalone shrub
  • Fast growing - expect 40-60cm per year
  • Grows to between 1-3m