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Mulberry Trees

"My favourite fruit tree - such a surprise to see reddish "blackberries" growing on trees - but the joy comes with the taste. Sublime. Unexpected. Unique. A month of crops July / August - freeze them if you are lucky enough to have more than you can eat and enjoy them on Christmas Day to the amazement of your family" - Ian.

Wellington Mulberry Tree
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Wellington Mulberry Tree

Highly prized for ornamental value and delicious fruits

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  • Highly prized for ornamental value
  • Deep, glossy red fruits
  • Attracts bees and other pollinating insects
  • A highly productive variety
Repsime Mulberry Tree
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Repsime Mulberry Tree

Easy to pick fruit

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  • A true black mulberry variety
  • Heart shaped leaves
  • Attractive shape
  • Easy to pick fruit

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