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Ruby Beauty Raspberry Plant Soft Fruit
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Ruby Beauty Raspberry Plant Soft Fruit
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Ruby Beauty Raspberry Plant

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Grow masses of sweet red berries, in a pot!
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The Highlights

    • The ultimate soft fruit for growing in pots
    • Perfectly suited to growing on your patio, so you don't have so far to walk to pick these little beauties
    • Expect a really decent crop from this little pot grown shrub, you can quite often see it covered in a thick mass of berries during mid summer
    • After years of careful breeding, this variety really is something special. They even managed to make it nearly completely thornless, so it's even easier to pick fruit in a hurry
    • Expect to harvest from late June through to September
    • Plant in a large pot (40cm+ in diameter) and keep in a sunny spot.
    • Flurocane (summer fruiting) variety Flurocane varieties fruit on last years wood, so it is important to get the pruning right. Cut back the canes that fruited at the end of the summer, leaving 6/8 that didn't fruit to grow onto next year. That is what will bear your next harvest. Trim them back to a bud approx 10cm above ground in late Feb, to encourage strong spring growth) 

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Know Your Plant

Supplied as:

3L Pot

Height on arrival:

40-60cm inc. pot

Eventual height:


Eventual spread:


Tasting notes:

Sweet, with a fresh, fruity flavour

Time to first crop:

2nd Year
Primocane (summer fruiting) raspberries fruit on second year canes, so you are unlikely to see any fruit in the first summer. Flurocane (autumn fruiting) fruit on new shoots, so you may have a crop in the first year.


Fully Hardy
Doesn't require any protection from frost

Self fertile:

Self Fertile


Eating fresh, crumbles, jams




Care Guide


Has been bred for excellent disease resistance. Your biggest problem, as with most soft fruit, is that they are so delicious that local wildlife will want to eat them too. Grow in a polytunnel, or use a fruit net to keep birds off.MORE

Keep well watered

Water in thoroughly when planting. Raspberries prefer moist soils so make sure that they are well watered throughout summer, especially during drier periods. 1/2 time a week increasing to every other day when hot/ dry.MORE

Full sun

Full sun means receiving direct sun for more than 6 hours each day during the spring/summer.MORE

Prefers fertile, well draining soil.

Loam or sandy soil is perfect. You should also consider digging in some organic matter/ compost when planting to improve the soilMORE

No need to feed

Don't worry, this isn't a hungry plant so your food bills won't be going up!MORE

Requires pruning in autumn/ winter

Primocane - during autumn, cut down all canes that bore fruit this year. Aim to leave 6 of the strongest new canes and then prune away the rest down to ground level. Flurocane - Prune in late winter, cutting back all of the canes right down to ground level. New growth will come bearing this years fruitMORE