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Pittosporum Plants

Pittosporum makes excellent hedges. These popular shrubs are known for their attractive characteristics and versatile capabilities. Pittosporums are evergreen shrubs or trees commonly found in New Zealand, Asia and Japan. Discover our collection of Pittosporum shrubs such Silver Ball and Golden Ball. Offering you interest all year around.

Pittosporum 'Golden Ball'
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Pittosporum 'Golden Ball'

Ideal for topiary and shaping

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  • A neat evergreen with golden yellow and green-yellow foliage and fragrant purple flowers
  • Sunny colour for borders, pots or hedges
  • Grows to 1-1.5 x 1-1.5m
  • A disease resistant altermative to Buxus
Pittosporum 'Silver Ball'
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Pittosporum 'Silver Ball'

Silvery foliage, perfect for pots

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  • Naturally globe shaped silvery evergreen with purple flowers
  • Plant in a sunny border or patio pot
  • Grows to a compact 50-100cm
  • Hardy and pest resistant