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How to Support your Peas and Beans

How to Support your Peas and Beans
by Alison North Alison North

To help Pea and Bean plants thrive and produce a good crop, it’s essential to give them some support. Each type of plant needs a slightly different support system, but these can be easy and fun to build using garden canes or off cut tree branches. Here we show you how.

How to Support your Peas and Beans


Peas, Mangetout and Sugar Snaps need a net frame to grow up.

Try planting them in two rows with a gap between, then plant a pole in the soil at either side of your row and stretch a net in between the poles for the peas to scramble up.

Alternatively if you’re planting peas in a pot, use three or four tall sticks and weave string between them in a criss-cross pattern for a more compact version.

How to Support your Peas and Beans

Broad Beans

Broad beans and Edamame beans don’t climb, but they can fall over without support.

Make a box shape around them with short canes, then tie string around it to form walls. Keep the canes close to the plants. This will protect your plants from wind damage and flopping over. These beans can also be grown through an obelisk in a pot.

How to Support your Peas and Beans

Runner and Climbing Beans

Runner beans will grow very tall very quickly, and need more structure than other beans. The simplest way to prop them up is using a pyramid shaped structure of three or more tall sticks tied at the top with string. This will suit two or three bean plants. If you have more, you may want to build a larger A-frame structure - here’s how.


  • At each end of your vegetable bed, plant two tall (2m) poles, cross them at the top to form a triangle and tie together with string.
  • Make a cross beam from another long stick, resting it on the ‘v’ at the top of each triangle.
  • Add more pairs of sticks, tying them to the cross beam.
  • If your frame seems unstable, you can attach it to the ground with guy ropes and tent pegs. This kind of frame can also be used for peas if you cover it in netting.
How to Support your Peas and Beans

Dwarf beans

Dwarf varieties like Hestia Runner beans don't need any support - they’re ideal for growing in pots.

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