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Pea and Bean Plants

There are peas and beans - and then there are home grown peas and beans. There’s nothing like picking armfuls of crunchy pea pods fresh from your own plot, then cracking them open and eating a few (dozen) raw before they even reach the kitchen. Try everything - mangetout, sugar snap peas, French beans, runner beans and broad beans and edamame beans. Every garden should have some!

Choose your pea and bean plants

Our organic bean plants are all prolific croppers. Slice and steam Runner Beans and French Beans or add buttery, nutty Broad Beans to a classic cassoulet. For ramen and Buddha bowls it’s got to be Sugar Snaps or Mangetout and don’t forget protein-packed sushi bar favourite Edamame beans. The best pea plant variety? It’s got to be Kelvedon Wonder- the RHS (and my Grandad) swear by it. Steam and serve with anything - or just eat them raw, no-one’s looking.

Where to grow your pea and bean plants

Growing climbing beans like Blue Lake or purple Cosse Violette means that you’ll be able to pick fresh beans daily in summer. They need to be trained upwards on a frame or a trellis, making them a brilliant space saving crop. Some bean plants can be grown without support, including Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia and Edamame Bean, and if you’re really short on space, grow a dwarf variety in pots on your patio or balcony, such as Tendergreen or Hestia.

Pea and bean plant care tips

With their space saving climbing habit, nutritious crops and attractive flowers, every kitchen garden should include peas and beans. Keep them well watered in a sunny, sheltered spot outdoors - support is the key to growing climbing varieties! In our Full Care Guide, we’ve put together all our best tips for growing peas and beans, with helpful advice on planting, supporting and harvesting your pea and bean plants.


10 Organic 'Kelvedon Wonder' Pea Plants
1 option from £6.00

RHS Award Winning Pea Plant with No Support Required

  • RHS Award Winner for producing fantastic crops
  • Fresh from your garden, delicious, sweet peas
  • No support required! Just plant, grow, and harvest
  • Produces masses of pods filled with crunchy little peas
10 Organic 'Enorma' Runner Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award Winner Runner Beans with pods that grow up to half a meter

  • RHS Award Winner for fantastic cropping
  • Grows pods up well over a foot long!
  • Delicious, acclaimed buttery bean flavour
  • Can grow up to 10ft high! Support required
10 Organic 'Tendergreen' Dwarf French Green Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

Early cropping Runner Bean that's perfect for patios

  • Dwarf variety–only grows to 45cm
  • Early cropping variety–beans ready to eat from July
  • Ideal for patios or small garden spaces
  • A great source of plant protein and vitamin C
10 Organic 'Blue Lake' French Climbing Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

Reliably prolific cropper of sweet delicious beans

  • Prolific and reliable cropper
  • Delicious, sweet beans with fresh pods
  • Virtually stringless with great texture
  • Vigorous climber-grows up to 6ft tall
10 Organic Edamame Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

Easy to grow delicious beans packed with plant nutrients

  • Beans packed full of plant protein and vitamins
  • Easy to grow-no support required
  • Grows from 60-90cm tall, great for small gardens
  • Petite pods bulbing with giant beans
10 Organic Sugar Snap Pea Plants
1 option from £6.00

Sweet, crunchy, and fresh from your garden

  • Produces mounds of sweet, crunch sugar snap peas
  • Perfect sautéed side dish
  • Peas are jam-packed with vitamins C, A and K
  • Sweeter and crunchier than store-bought product
10 Organic 'Aquadulce Claudia' Broad Bean Plants
1 option from £6.00

Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit for being fantastically reliable

  • Delicious buttery, nutty bean flavour
  • A reliable and prolific cropper
  • No support required! Easy to grow
  • The more you pick the more will grow!
10 Organic 'Cosse Violette' French Climbing Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

Grow your own truly unique dark purple bean pods

  • Unique dark purple pods that are 25cm long!
  • Reliable cropper throughout from July to Autumnn
  • Reliable cropper throughout from July to Autumn
  • Fantastic source of vitamins A, K and plant protein
5 Organic 'Hestia' Dwarf Runner Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

The ideal Runner Bean plant for any sized garden

  • Compact size–grows to only 45cm tall
  • Ideal for growing in small gardens or on the patio
  • Pods 20cm long bursting with buttery beans!
  • Can grow well in pots with no support
10 Organic 'Carouby de Mausasane' Mangetout Pea Plants
1 option from £6.00

Heritage French variety of delicious Mangetout Peas

  • Sweet, fresh flavour–perfect for Asian dishes
  • Tender texture that remains soft
  • Classic heritage variety from France
  • Produces beautiful lavende flowers to give colour to your garden

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