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Tomato Plants

We’ve curated a selection of the very finest tomato plants from the UK’s best growers. Many varieties produce tomatoes in only a single fruiting, but all ours can give abundant, repeated yields from July to early October. Choose from smaller dwarf varieties, perfect for pots and containers, to larger plants for a more fruitful harvest. Pick from an array of options for taste, colour and size of tomato.

Choose your tomato type

Each of our tomato plant varieties give a distinct fruit, each with their own culinary uses. Cherry tomatoes produced from plants like Tiny Tim are perfect for salads or tempting pasta sauces. Beefsteak tomatoes like Black Russian are more robust and have a meatier texture. We’d recommend this variety for grilling or adding to sandwiches. Salad tomatoes like Golden Sunrise are perfect all-rounders with a sweet and fruity flavour and are versatile in the kitchen.

Where to grow your tomatoes

Growing tomatoes indoors will give the best yield, but our varieties will all do well in a sunny spot outside. Tiny Tim is a super dwarf variety, so these tomatoes are perfect for window sills or pots. No pruning or support is needed, so these are great plants for beginners! Many of our other tomato plants are cordon variety, so will need to be pruned for maximum yield. These plants grow very tall so will need to be supported with a stake or trained up a structure.

Tomato plant care tips

Feeding your tomato plants is crucial to achieving a good crop, as well as positioning, pruning and staking. Our resident tomato plant expert Liam has put together a tomato care guide, covering how to feed tomato plants, when to prune and common tomato problems. Read the full guide to get the best advice on sowing, growing and harvesting your tomato plant.


5 Organic 'Tigerella' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

Striking tomatoes striped like a tiger!

  • Striking red and green striped salad tomatoes
  • Fresh, sweet, tangy tomato flavour
  • Perfect for livening up summer salads
  • Can crop for 4 months from June to September!
5 Organic 'Gardeners Delight' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

RHS Award Winner for excellent flavour and crop yield

  • Sweet, tangy cherry tomato flavour
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner
  • Produces huge trusses of juicy tomatoes
  • Fruits continuously from July to September
5 Organic 'Tiny Tim' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

A super dwarf variety–grow cherry tomatoes on your window sill!

  • A super-dwarf tomato plant you can grow on your window sill!
  • Sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes
  • Fantastic for frying, omelettes, or salads
  • No pruning or support needed, just plant and grow
5 Organic 'Yellow Pear' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

Unique bright yellow, pear-shaped tomatoes to brighten up any dish

  • Fantastic yellow pear-shaped tomato fruit
  • Perfect for adding to salads or brightening up a dish
  • Reliable cropper throughout the summer
  • A gardeners favourite heirloom variety
5 Organic 'Golden Sunrise' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

RHS Award Winning Tomato plant with beautiful bright yellow fruit

  • Renowned intensely sweet and fruity flavour
  • Perfect for Sandwiches, salads or snacks
  • RHS Award Winner for being a prolific cropper
  • Bright golden coloured salad tomatoes
5 Organic 'Black Russian' Tomato Plants
Sold out
5 Organic 'Black Russian' Tomato Plants
0 options from £8.00

Dark brown tomatoes with a rich and smokey flavour

  • Fantastic giant dark brown beefsteak tomatoes
  • Rich, smokey flavour unlike anything in stores
  • Can cope well in colder climates
  • Cordon Variety–Grows to 1.5m, support and prune
Organic Colourful Tomato Collection | 15 Tomato Plants
Sold out
Organic Colourful Tomato Collection | 15 Tomato Plants
0 options from £20.00

A beautiful range of different tomato colours and flavours

  • gardeners Delight, Black Russian, Golden Sunshine
  • A range of tomato colours to liven up any dish
  • All picked for being easy to grow huge crops
  • Fruit will add great interest to your garden

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