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Herb Plants

Growing herbs will lift your cooking to another level - and make your outdoor space look and smell fantastic. With over twenty organic herb varieties, you’re sure to find the best herbs to grow whether you’re planting outdoors or creating an indoor herb garden on the kitchen windowsill.

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Love cooking Indian or Asian food? You need freshly-picked Coriander, Bay, Lemongrass and Chives straight from the windowsill. Vietnamese Corianderhas a wonderful lemon-pepper taste and aroma that you won’t find in the supermarket. For Mediterannean cuisines, go for Greek Basil, Bronze Fennel and Greek Oregano; grow Rosemary to add flavour and aroma to your barbecue. Spoilt for choice? Why not start with one of our Herb Collections?

Where to grow your herbs

To create a scented herb garden for your seating area, group planters of fragrant Lemon Balm, https://www.rootsplants.co.uk/products/3-organic-marjoram-plants and Chamomile together. Add Chocolate Mint or Pineapple Mint for a freshly-picked mojito garnish on a warm summer night or plant flowering Wild Bergamot and Borage in your borders. Growing herbs indoors is easy - keep favourites like British Basil, Garden Mint and Flatleaf Parsley in terracotta pots on the kitchen windowsill ready to snip and scatter.

Herb plant care tips

Most herbs are very easy to grow and care for. (Seriously, is there any downside to them?) Most prefer sunny sheltered areas but will thrive in partial shade. With more vigorous growers like Mint, prune lightly every couple of months to keep the plants producing more healthy young leaves. We’ve put together a herb plant care guide with more advice and tips for growing herb plants: Read it here.


3 Organic British Basil Plants

Classic Italian herb bred to grow in Britain

1 option from £9.00
  • Especially adapted to grow great in the UK
  • Classic Italian herb flavour–essential for pasta
  • Perfect herb to grow on the window sill or patio
  • Incredibly easy to grow
3 Organic Rosemary Plants

Classic herb with a wonderful flavour and intense fragrance

1 option from £5.00
  • Classic lemon-pine, peppery, rich herby flavour
  • Fills your garden with a warm, soothing scent
  • Beautiful on bread, vegetables, and in sauces
  • Very easy to grow
3 Organic Garden Mint Plants

Classic mint–fresh from your garden

1 option from £9.00
  • Cool refreshing flavour–perfect for summer drinks
  • Fill your garden with the sharp fragrance
  • Prolific cropper grown indoors or out
  • Fresh mint whenever you need it
3 Organic Flat Leaf Parsley Plants

One of the most loved herbs in cooking–fresh from the plant

1 option from £9.00
  • Intense Parsley Flavour–Great for Pasta dishes
  • Keep fresher for longer on the plant
  • Pick what you need and the plant grows more
  • Perfect plant to grow indoors in your kitchen
3 Organic Thyme Plants

An essential herb, fresh all year-round

1 option from £9.00
  • Intense, almost mint-like, herby scent and flavour
  • A great herb to grow on your window sill
  • Ready to harvest all year round indoors!
  • A delicious seasoning for chicken, potatoes, and soups
3 Organic French Tarragon Plants

Classic herb for French cuisine

1 option from £9.00
  • Distinctive anise-like flavour
  • Favourite herb in French Cuisine
  • Easy to grow and care for
  • Fresh from the garden whenever you need
3 Organic Coriander Plants

Perfect herb for Asian dishes, always fresh when you need it

1 option from £9.00
  • Fragrant, sharp flavour–perfect for curries
  • Stays fresher for longer on the plant
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
  • Perfect plant to grow indoors in your kitchen
3 Organic Sage Plants

The trusted and favourite Sage plant

1 option from £9.00
  • Deep, warm, herby scent and flavour
  • RHS Certified Plant for Pollinating Insects
  • Wonderful seasoning for stews, roasts, and, stuffing
  • Cut when you need and the plant will grow more
3 Organic Chives Plants

The perfect herb to liven up creamy dishes

1 option from £9.00
  • Delicious garlic/onion-like fresh flavour
  • Make beautiful mashed potatoes or sour cream
  • Every green herb that comes back year after year
  • Very easy to grow either indoors or outdoors
3 Organic Greek Oregano Plants

Warm herby flavour for your kitchen, fresh from your garden

1 option from £9.00
  • Wonderful, warm, herby flavour and fragrance
  • Perfect for Mediterranean Dishes and seasoning
  • Harvest fresh from May to October
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
3 Organic Chamomile Plants

A flower with beautiful fragrance that calms the mind and body

1 option from £9.00
  • Sweet, fresh, floral fragrance
  • Used to make teas, balms, oils and creams
  • Known to relax and help with various body irritations
  • Fully hardy throughout the British winter
3 Organic Lemon Grass Plants

Beautiful lemon flavour, fresh from the garden

1 option from £9.00
  • Citrusy, lemon-like flavour fresh when you need
  • Perfect for Asian dishes such as Red Thai Curry
  • Incredibly easy to grow
  • Beautiful fragrance radiates through the garden
3 Organic Garlic Chives Plants

Delicious chives taste with a hint of garlic

1 option from £9.00
  • Distinctive, garlic-like fresh Chive flavour
  • Delicious with melted butter over vegetables
  • Harvest fresh as you need
  • Fully hardy through the UK
3 Organic Fernleaf Dill Plants

The ultimate herb to compliment fish

1 option from £9.00
  • Strong taste–a mix of fennel, celery and anise
  • Perfect to season and garnish fish dishes
  • Beautiful yellow flowers during the summer
  • Dwarf variety–only grows to 45cm high
3 Organic Wild Bergamot Plants

Delicious taste with stunning flowers

1 option from £9.00
  • Spicy, warm flavour similar to Oregano
  • Anti-microbial properties–great for colds and congestion
  • Beautiful purple, intricate flowers
  • A true pollinator's favourite, especially bees
3 Organic Comfrey Plants

A fast growing natural fertiliser for your garden

1 option from £5.00
  • Draws nutrients from deep underground
  • Can be used to make a nutritious mulch or liquid fertiliser
  • Suppresses weeds and attracts insects
  • An essential companion plant for the garden
3 Organic Greek Basil Plants

A compact Basil plant with a soft, sweet flavour

1 option from £9.00
  • Compact growth–only grows to 45cm tall
  • Softer, sweeter basil flavour
  • Perfect for Italian dishes
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
3 Organic Lemon Balm Plants

Amazing lemon-scent and citrus flavour

1 option from £9.00
  • Stunning lemon scent with a citrus flavour
  • Perfect for teas and garnish
  • Fully hardy and easy to grow
  • Grows back year after year
3 Organic Vietnamese Coriander Plants

Unique coriander-like flavour with a hint of lemon

1 option from £9.00
  • Unique herb with rich peppery, lemon-like flavour
  • Works perfectly in a host of Asian dishes
  • Immense taste you cannot buy from the supermarket
  • Vigorous grower–harvest fresh all summer long
3 Organic Bronze Fennel Plants

Exquisite Fennel flavour with beautiful bronze foliage

1 option from £9.00
  • Typical sweet, licorice and anise like fennel flavour
  • Beautiful bronze, feathery foliage and yellow flowers
  • All parts of the plant are edible, including the foliage and flowers which are ready to harvest throughout the growing period and also the seeds, once they've turned brown in the Autumn.
  • Perfect for herb gardens or rustic borders
3 Organic Curly Parsley Plants

A superb Parsley, perfect for garnishing

1 option from £9.00
  • Attractive, curly leaves–great for garnish
  • More mild but deliciously fresh Parsley flavour
  • Stay fresher for longer on the plant
  • Pick what you need and the plant keeps on growing
3 Organic Chocolate Mint Plants

The perfect combination of mint and chocolate naturally in one delicious herb

1 option from £9.00
  • Beautiful green and brown foliage
  • Chocolate-mint flavour–amazing for desserts
  • Use as a garnish on ice cream or make a tea
  • Unique variety of mint you cannot find in shops
3 Organic Marjoram Plants

Warm herby flavour with a soothing effect on mind and body

1 option from £9.00
  • Delicate, sweet, Oregano-like flavour
  • Use to season vegetables and meats
  • Filled with antioxidants and is antimicrobial
  • Produces a lovely, radiating fragrance
3 Organic Pineapple Mint Plants

Beautiful mint leaves with a hint of pineapple

1 option from £9.00
  • Cool, refreshing mint flavour with a hint of pineapple
  • Attractive white and green leaves–fantastic for garnishes
  • Vigorous grower–fresh mint whenever you need it
  • Fill your garden with the cool fragrance

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