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Root Vegetable Plants

Growing root vegetables is easy and rewarding - every veg plot should have a row or two! All of our varieties are selected for their flavour and supplied as young plants to get you off to a good start.

Choose your Root Vegetable Plants

Our favourite carrot variety is Early Nantes, with its prolific, early harvests and classic sweet flavour. For a rainbow of flavour, choose the Colourful Carrot Collection, with purple, white, orange and yellow varieties - kids love them! Sweet and nutty Countess Parsnip and Waltham Butternut Squash are ideal for roasting or curries, while Marian Swede is the perfect choice for delicious, buttery mash and stews.

Where to grow your Root Vegetable Plants

Carrots and parsnips can be grown in the ground or in deep pots (at least 30cm). Swedes and Butternut Squashes will need much more space and need to be grown outdoors. All root vegetables prefer well draining soil of any type except heavy clay, and a position in full sun.

Root Vegetable Plant Care Tips

Root vegetables are generally hardy and need little care. Protect young plants from hungry birds by using a fine crop mesh and water regularly. For more advice and tips on growing Root Vegetables including choosing and harvesting and how to avoid common problems, see our Full Care Guide.