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Winter Vegetable Plants

Keep growing all year round with our exciting collection of winter harvest vegetables. Choose Beetroots and sweet, buttery Turnips that are perfect for roasting or Pak Choi and Tatsoi to level up your stir-fries. There are fresh salad leaves and lettuces for winter greens and aromatic herbs for hearty stews. These vegetables are hardy for planting from the end of August through to October and harvest throughout winter. Growing vegetables over winter is easier (fewer pests around + lots more rain = less effort) and will keep you in healthy fresh veg through the colder months, well into spring.

If I plant now, when can I harvest my veg?

If you plan your planting carefully, you’ll have a nice steady succession of crops to last you until spring. The first harvests will be salads and greens such as Tatsoi and Pak Choi which will be ready in a couple of months. Then come the vegetables you may want to grow for Christmas dinner - carrots, parsnips, and the obligatory Brussels Sprouts! Lastly, overwintering vegetables like Leeks, Broccoli and Cabbages can stay in the ground until March or April, when they’ll fill the gap between your winter crops and summer harvests.

Can I grow winter veg in pots and small spaces?

Compact plants like Rhubarb Chard and Dwarf Green Curled Kale take up little space and are perfectly suited to growing in pots or mixed borders. Hyssop and Purslane also thrive in containers. Beetroots only need 10cm space between each plant so are ideal for smaller raised beds or borders. Most salad plants and compact lettuces such as Freckles or Winter Density will give you maximum taste for very little space.

Will I need to protect my winter veg?

Some varieties - like Cabbages, Broccoli, Leeks and Kale - are very hardy and will be fine throughout the winter. However, if frost is forecast, you should protect more tender plants like salads and leafy greens by covering them with horticultural fleece or a cloche overnight. Although there are fewer pests around at this time of year, you may still need to net young plants to stop the birds eating them.

Salads in Winter? Surprisingly, yes!

Strange but true, one of the best times to grow salad is in the colder months. Lettuces prefer being out of the scorching sun and appreciate the increased rainfall (even if we don’t!) Several have been bred specially for autumn planting, including Marvel of Four Seasons and Arctic King. Salads grow quickly and you can cut the leaves whenever you need them, leaving the rest of the plant in the ground. Brighten up your salads with Mizuna, Endive, Mustard or Chicory. They’ll all be ready at around 6-8 weeks and even sooner if you have a greenhouse or use cloches.


10 Organic 'Perpetual' Spinach Plants
1 option from £6.00

Fresh Spinach ready to cut whenever you want it

  • Prolific and reliable cropper
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
  • Can be harvested from May-January
  • Creamy, soft spinach flavour
10 Organic Purple Sprouting Broccoli Plants
1 option from £7.00

Beautiful purple heads with a. delicate sweet and peppery flavour

  • Delicate, nutty, peppery flavour with a hint of sweetness
  • Beautiful purple heads and deep green leaves
  • Filled with Vitamins A, C and K
  • Harvest from July to October
10 Organic 'Nero di Toscana' Kale Plants
1 option from £7.00

Stunning dark green and purple Italian Kale variety

  • Beautiful dark green and purple Italian Kale variety
  • Absolutely packed with Vitamins C, K, and A
  • Cut as you need and the plant grows more
  • Harvest right from September-March
10 Organic Rainbow Chard Plants
1 option from £6.00

Grow a rainbow of colours and flavours

  • All the colours of the rainbow!
  • Amazing to sauté or add to a salad
  • Sweet, earthy, nutty ranges of flavours
  • Super easy to grow
20 Organic 'White Lisbon' Spring Onion Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award Winning Spring Onion For Fantastic Reliability and Taste

  • RHS Award Winner for being a reliable cropper
  • Excellent, mild flavour–perfect for stir-fries
  • Harvest all through Summer until October
  • Incredibly easy to grow and quick to harvest
10 Organic 'Detroit' Beetroot Plants
1 option from £5.00

One of our favorite Beetroots

  • Stunningly sweet, earthy Beetroot flavour
  • Reliable and prolific cropper
  • Grow your own certified Superfood!
  • Easy to grow–Plant, water, and harvest!
10 Organic Spring Green Cabbage Plants
1 option from £7.00

An early cabbage with a soft texture and sweet flavour

  • Sweet, fresh flavour with a silky-soft texture
  • Perfect for summer dishes sautéed
  • Early cabbage harvest from July to September
  • Packed full of Vitamins K and C
10 Organic 'Red Russian' Kale Plants
1 option from £7.00

The ultimate super-food, in red

  • Certified super food–absolutely packed with vitamins
  • Harvests from September to March
  • Cut what you need and the plant will grow more
  • Unique red colour and sweet flavour
10 Organic 'Marian' Swede Plants
1 option from £7.00

Dark purple skin with a delicious, pale yellow flesh

  • Sweet, nutty flavour
  • Thick, pale yellow flesh
  • Fantastic for stews and winter dishes
  • Great resistance against Clubroot and Mildew
10 'Wintergreen' Cabbage
1 option from £6.00

Super-hardy cabbage greens

  • A dark green, open-headed cabbage
  • Beautiful fresh spring green flavour
  • Harvest from December to February
  • Saute, steam or make bubble and squeak!
10 Autumn Rhubarb Chard
1 option from £6.00

Ruby red chard suitable for pots

  • Bright red stems with mild green leaves
  • Delicious earthy tasting roots
  • Harvest from November to April
  • Eat young in salads or steam like spinach
10 Autumn 'Marvel of Four Seasons' Lettuce
1 option from £6.00

Pretty, tasty and fast-growing

  • Deep red outer leaves with a lime green heart
  • Delicious crinkly textured leaves
  • Harvest from November to March
  • Heirloom variety, great for babyleaf salads
10 Autumn 'Winter Density' Lettuce
1 option from £6.00

Fresh, crisp and ready for spring

  • Dark green, slightly curled leaves
  • Crisp and buttery taste
  • Harvest from November to March
  • Easy to harvest cos lettuce variety
10 Autumn 'Hanakan' Pak Choi
1 option from £6.00

Essential for stir-fries

  • Compact, green stemmed Pak Choi
  • Crisp and juicy stems with tender leaves
  • Harvest from November to April
  • Use in salads, stir fries and Chinese dishes
10 Organic Green Mizuna Plants
1 option from £6.00

A delicious and vigorous lettuce perfect for Japanese cooking

  • Mild peppery flavour with a hint of spice
  • Used in a range of Japanese cuisine
  • Harvest from May-December
  • Very easy to grow and a vigorous plant
10 Autumn 'Chioggia' Beetroot
1 option from £6.00

Traditional Italian ringed Beetroot

  • Unique rings when sliced
  • Sweeter than standard beetroots
  • Harvest from June to October
  • Stunning in salads
10 Autumn 'Golden Ball' Turnip
1 option from £6.00

Sweet, tender and fast-growing

  • Compact plants with tender yellow flesh
  • Sweet and nutty flavour
  • Harvest from November to March
  • Perfect for hearty winter stews and roasts
10 Autumn 'Arctic King' Lettuce
1 option from £6.00

Specially bred for winter

  • Bright green crinkled lettuce
  • Tender, crisp and juicy
  • Harvest from November to March
  • The perfect base for fresh winter salads
10 Autumn Green Curled Dwarf Borecole Kale
1 option from £6.00

Compact Kale perfect for pots

  • Vibrant green, space saving variety
  • Packed with nutrients
  • Harvest from September to February
  • Equally good in salads or wilted
10 Autumn Land Cress
1 option from £6.00

Tasty as Watercress, easier to grow

  • Vibrant dark green leaves
  • Delicious peppery taste
  • Harvest from November to March
  • Delicious in salads, pasta or soup
10 Autumn 'Sweetbell' Turnip
1 option from £6.00

Crisp, delicious root veg

  • Purple-topped roots with creamy white flesh
  • Exquisite sweet, crisp flavour
  • Harvest from November to March
  • Roast, add to casseroles or grate raw into salads
10 Autumn 'Verte de Cambrai' Corn Salad
1 option from £6.00

Heavy-cropping Winter salad

  • Compact, dark-green salad leaves
  • Delicate, nutty flavour
  • Harvest from November to March
  • Nutritious leaf can also be made into pesto
10 Autumn Tatsoi
1 option from £6.00

Versatile and tasty Chinese cabbage

  • Attractive broad-leaved cabbage plant
  • Creamy textured tasty greens
  • Harvest in November and December
  • Use in salads, stir fries and Chinese dishes
3 Autumn Hyssop
1 option from £7.00

Aromatic leaves with blue summer flowers

  • Aromatic leaves for salads and seasoning
  • Blue clusters of edible flowers
  • Grow in borders, pots or as a hedge
  • Attracts bees and butterflies to your garden

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