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Salad Plants

Salad plants can be grown almost year round if you have some winter cover. Our varieties have so much taste bud-busting flavour that you’ll want to pick and munch as you walk by. You can pluck them one leaf at a time - that lone leaf (chop with scissors and sprinkle) will add serious zing to pasta, salads, sandwiches, soups, curries - heck, to almost anything you’re eating. Salad leaf plants should be as much part of your life as herbs. Life-changing.


5 Organic 'Tiny Tim' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

A super dwarf variety–grow cherry tomatoes on your window sill!

  • A super-dwarf tomato plant you can grow on your window sill!
  • Sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes
  • Fantastic for frying, omelettes, or salads
  • No pruning or support needed, just plant and grow
5 Organic 'Gardeners Delight' Tomato Plants
5 Organic 'Gardeners Delight' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00 £7.00

RHS Award Winner for excellent flavour and crop yield

  • Sweet, tangy cherry tomato flavour
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner
  • Produces huge trusses of juicy tomatoes
  • Fruits continuously from July to September
3 Organic 'Marketmore' Cucumber Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award Winning Cucumber for even the British weather

  • RHS Award Winner for being a reliable cropper
  • Produces cucumbers even in colder summers
  • More intense cucumber flavour than anything in stores
  • Juicy, hydrating and crunch-perfect for salads or even in a drink!
10 Organic 'Kelvedon Wonder' Pea Plants
1 option from £6.00

RHS Award Winning Pea Plant with No Support Required

  • RHS Award Winner for producing fantastic crops
  • Fresh from your garden, delicious, sweet peas
  • No support required! Just plant, grow, and harvest
  • Produces masses of pods filled with crunchy little peas
3 Organic 'Green Bush' Courgette Plants
1 option from £7.00

The classic Courgette in abundance

  • Classic courgette shape with sublime flavour
  • A reliable and heavy cropper
  • Pick fruit regularly for a better harvest all summer
  • More compact growth–requires less space
3 Organic 'Californian Wonder' Sweet Pepper Plants
1 option from £7.00

Sweet and crunchy peppers grown in your garden

  • Prolific producer of succulently sweet peppers
  • Thick walls with a crisp, crunchy, texture
  • Perfect for stir-fries, stuffing and salads
  • Attractive fruit add interest to the garden
10 Organic 'Red Salad Bowl' Lettuce Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award winning loose leaf with a unique colour

  • RHS Award Winning Loose Leaf variety
  • Unique deep red colours to add to salads
  • Cut the leaves when you need them and the plant will grow more
  • Delicate sweet and spicy flavour
10 Organic Wild Rocket Plants
1 option from £6.00

The classic, intensely peppery leaf to light up a salad

  • Intense, peppery, minerally flavour<
  • Perfect for salads and garnishes
  • Crops for months–fresh rocket all summer
  • Cut what you need and the plant grows more
5 Organic 'Tigerella' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

Striking tomatoes striped like a tiger!

  • Striking red and green striped salad tomatoes
  • Fresh, sweet, tangy tomato flavour
  • Perfect for livening up summer salads
  • Can crop for 4 months from June to September!
10 Organic Purple Sprouting Broccoli Plants
1 option from £7.00

Beautiful purple heads with a. delicate sweet and peppery flavour

  • Delicate, nutty, peppery flavour with a hint of sweetness
  • Beautiful purple heads and deep green leaves
  • Filled with Vitamins A, C and K
  • Harvest from July to October
10 Organic Rainbow Chard Plants
1 option from £6.00

Grow a rainbow of colours and flavours

  • All the colours of the rainbow!
  • Amazing to sauté or add to a salad
  • Sweet, earthy, nutty ranges of flavours
  • Super easy to grow
5 Organic 'Golden Sunrise' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

RHS Award Winning Tomato plant with beautiful bright yellow fruit

  • Renowned intensely sweet and fruity flavour
  • Perfect for Sandwiches, salads or snacks
  • RHS Award Winner for being a prolific cropper
  • Bright golden coloured salad tomatoes
10 Organic 'Green Salad Bowl' Lettuce Plants
1 option from £7.00

RHS Award winning loose leaf lettuce

  • RHS Award Winner for fantastic productivity
  • Mellow, sweet fresh flavour
  • Perfect loose-leaf lettuce for salads or garnishes
  • Tolerant of colder and warmer summer
Organic Edible Flower Pack | 43 Plants
1 option from £20.00

Beauty and Flavour to propel dishes to new heights

  • Beautiful and delicious range of edible flowers
  • Adds amazing colour and flavour to dishes
  • Light up a salad or use as a garnish
  • All easy to grow and will look fantastic in your garden
3 Organic 'Crystal Lemon' Cucumber Plants
1 option from £7.00

Unique, lemon-like cucumbers with a sweet flavour

  • Unique yelow, round cucumbers which look great in the garden
  • Perfect for pickling, Sandwiches and putting into drinks
  • Keep picking the fruit and it'll keep producing until October!
  • Prolific producer of delicious fruit
5 Organic 'Yellow Pear' Tomato Plants
1 option from £8.00

Unique bright yellow, pear-shaped tomatoes to brighten up any dish

  • Fantastic yellow pear-shaped tomato fruit
  • Perfect for adding to salads or brightening up a dish
  • Reliable cropper throughout the summer
  • A gardeners favourite heirloom variety
10 Organic 'Buttercrunch' Lettuce Plants
1 option from £7.00

Buttery lettuce with a fresh crunch

  • Buttery lettuce flavour with velvet texture
  • The ultimate lettuce for Lettuce Wraps
  • Better bolt resistance during hot spells
  • Super easy to grow
10 Organic 'Detroit' Beetroot Plants
1 option from £5.00

One of our favorite Beetroots

  • Stunningly sweet, earthy Beetroot flavour
  • Reliable and prolific cropper
  • Grow your own certified Superfood!
  • Easy to grow–Plant, water, and harvest!
12 Organic Colourful Courgette Collection Courgette Plants
1 option from £20.00

A range of courgettes of different colours, shapes and sizes

  • A range of colours, shapes and sizes
  • A range of flavours and textures
  • Huge, attractive fruit to add interest in the garden
  • All are reliable and heavy croppers all summer long
10 Organic 'Cosse Violette' French Climbing Bean Plants
1 option from £7.00

Grow your own truly unique dark purple bean pods

  • Unique dark purple pods that are 25cm long!
  • Reliable cropper throughout from July to Autumnn
  • Reliable cropper throughout from July to Autumn
  • Fantastic source of vitamins A, K and plant protein
10 Organic 'Freckles' Lettuce Plants
1 option from £7.00

Uniquely speckled lettuce to brighten up any salad

  • Unique green and red speckled leaves
  • Cut the leaves to eat and the plant will grow more
  • Fresh, mild Romaine lettuce flavour
  • Can easily grow in small garden spaces
3 Organic 'Tromboncino Albenga' Courgette Plants
1 option from £7.00

Add music to your garden with the Trombone

  • Huge fruit that grows in the shape of a trombone
  • Rich and creamy flavour–fantastic roasted
  • Climbing variety–perfect for training up a pergola or archway
  • Unusual Italian variety that works great in pasta
10 Organic 'Green Utah' Celery Plants
1 option from £7.00

A prolific and trusted cropper of thick, tasty Celery stems

  • Prolific cropper of thick, tasty stems
  • Crisp and crunchy with a sweet and peppery flavour
  • Perfect for casseroles, soups and as a dip
  • Harvest from July-December
Quick Growing Organic Salad Collection 90 Plants
1 option from £30.00

Grow your own salad bowls all summer long

  • Range of different delicious Lettuce varietie
  • Also includes Spinach, Rocket, Beetroot and more
  • Harvest in 3 weeks and then crops continuously
  • Grow your own salad bowl in your garden

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